Thursday, March 8, 2012

D-Rob Hurts Foot Falling Down Steps

From Anthony McCarron:
David Robertson, one of the most valuable pitchers on the Yankee staff and a potential heir apparent as closer if Mariano Rivera retires after this season, could miss a chunk of spring training with what the Yanks are calling a "mid-foot sprain."

Robertson stumbled down the stairs while moving boxes Wednesday night and injured his right foot, the one he pushes off the mound with, Joe Girardi said Thursday morning. Girardi first said Robertson "fell down the stairs" but later said "he missed a step."

Initial X-rays were negative, but Robertson was also scheduled to have an MRI on the foot and the Yankees were awaiting those results Thursday. Robertson was wearing a walking boot when he went to the hospital, Girardi said.

"I'm concerned," Girardi said. "By the way I saw him walking today — it hurt him to walk — you assume he's going to be down a little time, even if everything comes back OK. That doesn't mean he wouldn't have time to get ready for the season, but he'll have to start over a little bit. Not totally, but a little bit."

Girardi added: "If you're going to miss him for a substantial amount of time, you're going to be concerned. If he's going to be out a week or 10 days, you're probably not going to be too concerned about that."

Given that Robertson has a mid-foot injury, Girardi acknowledged, "everyone's going to assume Lisfranc. Obviously, I think you have to be concerned about that. There was no swelling and that's a positive sign to me, but who knows. I think he was more sore underneath. We'll have to see."
Well, that's not good. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and at least it happened now and he'll have some time to recover.

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