Friday, March 23, 2012

Valentine Upset at Girardi for Ending Game in a Tie

From Mark Feinsand:
Bobby Valentine thought he earned another inning of play against the Yankees when the suicide squeeze he called brought the game-tying run home in the ninth Thursday night.

Instead, he got a 4-4 tie, one that left the Red Sox manager puzzled.

“The umpire came over and said we couldn’t play,” Valentine said. “I don’t care about not playing. It’s just, why do I have to warm up my pitcher who’s trying to make a team come in in a tie game against the Yankees and maybe help him make a team and instead he has to walk off the mound and take a shower? That’s just not very courteous.”


“I used all our pitching, so I just said, ‘That's it,’ ” Girardi said. “I looked at Tim and was like, ‘We don’t have any more.’” Valentine disagreed.

“They had plenty of pitching,” Valentine said. “Probably too long of a ride. They could have known that going in.”
He's an idiot, but one thing is undeniable, he's going to make the rivalry a lot more fun.

As for the tie, who cares? It's spring training.

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