Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Complications for Mo

From George A. King III:
Mariano Rivera’s visit with surgeons yesterday was expected to result in a date for surgery to repair a torn right ACL.  
However, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected for the Yankees closer.
“We ran into complications,’’ agent Fernando Cuza told The Post. “I am referring to Dr. Ahmad and [Yankees general manager] Brian Cashman for further information.’’ 
 Neither Cuza nor the Yankees would elaborate on what was discovered when Rivera met with Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad, Dr. Russell Warren, the Giants’ physician, and David Altchek, the Mets’ doctor, who performed surgery on Rivera’s shoulder after the 2008 season.  
 It was suspected the surgeons would concur with last week’s diagnosis in Kansas City that Rivera had a torn ACL and torn meniscus and plans for season-ending surgery would be made.  
 “I won’t comment on that right now,’’ Cashman said. “He was at the Hospital for Special Surgery and saw Dr. Warren and then saw [Dr.] Ahmad. He was scheduled to see both.’’
That's odd. Hopefully this isn't too much of a concern. If I find any more info I'll update this post. There was a report that stated that "a high-ranking team official" said today that the complications weren't that serious and that the Yankees were still gathering more information. However, they also added that "with any complications related to surgery, it can't be good news."

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