Friday, May 4, 2012

Mariano: I'm Not Going Out Like This

So much for those fears that yesterday's injury would be the end for Mariano:

"I'm coming back. Write it down in big letters. I'm not going out like this", said Rivera. "I love to play the game. To me, going out like this isn't the right way."

Here's a little more from the NYPost:
“He mentioned three, four months, five months (until he can start working out). Depends on how I can take it," Rivera said. "He did my shoulder before. I’m a quick healer. That’s good. That’s all good.”

Now 42 years old, Rivera will be a free agent after this year. He expressed confidence, rightly so, that the Yankees would want him back.

“Oh, yeah. They will want the old goat,” he said.

Before Friday night's game against the Royals, Rivera said he will address his teammates as a group.

“I’m just going to give them encouragement that I trust them and believe in them,” Rivera said. “They can do the job. They will do the job.”
Knowing that this isn't the end for Mo makes dealing with this injury a whole lot easier, doesn't it?

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