Monday, May 7, 2012

Warning: Don't Get Your Phil Hughes Hopes Up

So Phil Hughes didn't get bombed yesterday, against a team with 9 wins and the 4th lowest run total in the AL, and now suddenly everyone thinks the guy has figured it out. Let's look at some headlines, shall we?

- Ken Davidoff says, the "Yankees should keep Hughes in rotation."

- John Harper believes that Hughes is turning things around and turning heads with his newly found velocity. (OMG HE THREW 95 MPH!!! OMG!!!)

- Sweeny Murti also thinks Hughes may have started to "figure it out".

Seriously guys? Hughes allows 3 runs over 6.2 to a terrible team and now this icon of underachievement has "figured it out"? Give me a break. The knee-jerkery in this town, whether positive or negative, is absolutely insane.

Call me when Hughes has a good month, or how about just two good outings in a row against teams that actually know how to score runs. Then, maybe we can start to get excited about the right-hander. But until that happens, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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