Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boras On Cano's FA Situation

From Joel Sherman:
“I had a meeting with Hal [Steinbrenner] and Randy [Levine, Yankees president] at the owners meetings [in May], and I certainly did not get any indication from them that there will be any dramatic changes in how the Yankees do business,” Boras said by phone.

And Boras did not sound like he would have much sympathy for the Yankees trying to go frugal. He cited Yankees “revenues triple most major league teams.” But, mainly, he invoked the “George Steinbrenner legacy” of building the brand, a TV network and revenues by enlisting and keeping stars — no matter the cost.

“If that continues, the Yankees will still be viewed as a destination for players that is highly coveted,” Boras said.


Brian Cashman has said he would like to break the Yankees’ practice of waiting until free agency to negotiate contracts and would prefer to attempt to extend both Cano and Curtis Granderson (like Cano, also a free agent after 2013) this offseason.
If I'm Brian Cashman there's no way I'm letting Cano walk and money shouldn't be an issue. The Yankees will be just fine. They make enough money, and there's no reason for them to start acting like the Royals when it comes to their own big name free agents, especially one who happens to be one of, if not the best second basemen in the game. That said, this isn't going to be an easy negotiation for the Yanks, at least not based on this:
However, according to a friend, Cano has felt underpaid on the current six-year, $57 million pact he signed under previous representation and wants to make a score this time — hence the presence of Boras.

So Cano definitely is going to blow away the current second base record total package of $85 million (Chase Utley) and annual average value of $15 million (Ian Kinsler). But by how much?
Sherman speculates that even offers like $154MM for 7 years or $160MM for 8 will just be the "minimum ante" for Cano. And if you listen to Boras, it appears that he's thinking something more along the lines of $200+ million for 10 years.
“When you go to sign great players and you know you are going to get six or seven years more of greatness, you have to spend by paying more years. You may pay over 10 years for the privilege of having the great seven. That is how it goes with big franchises and acquisitions. And the Yankees under George were one of the first teams to do that.”
This is typical Boras. Set the bar so high that even the middle ground ends up being a ridiculous contract. But again, I'm not going to sit here and pretend like this is something the Yankees cannot afford. I'd prefer if the Yankees could avoid any kind of deal for more than 7 or 8 years, but at the end of the day the Yankees just need to make sure Cano remains a Yankee.

What do you think? If you're Brian Cashman, how much are you willing to ante up for Cano?

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