Thursday, July 12, 2012

Updates on Gardner and Joba

From Mark Feisand:
Joba Chamberlain made his first rehab appearance in the Gulf Coast League on Tuesday, allowing an unearned run in an inning of work.

Chamberlain, who is returning from both Tommy John elbow surgery and an open dislocation of his right ankle, struck out two batters, hitting as high as 97 mph on the radar gun. Brian Cashman said Chamberlain would “probably not” need the full 30 days allotted for his rehab assignment, though the Yankees are not projecting a date for his return.


As for Brett Gardner, he continues to work his way toward a rehab assignment, passing every test such as dry swings and tee-and-toss work.

Cashman believes the Yankees will get their left fielder back at some point, though given the fact that Gardner has made it to rehab assignments twice before only to be shut down, the GM isn’t putting a timetable on it.
Joba progress has been pretty remarkable and from what we've already seen I wouldn't be surprised if he does come back before the 30 days. The addition of Joba, especially if he's throwing 97 mph, will obviously be a nice boost to the pen down the stretch.

As for Gardner, this team could definitely use his speed and defense, so let's just hope he can get through his next rehab assignment. According to another report, Cashman said the earliest Gardner could return will be on July 27th.

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