Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yanks Await Word on Gardner's MRI Results (Updated)

Here's an update from Dan Martin:
The Yankees outfielder, who felt soreness in his injured elbow this week after a simulated game, is still waiting to hear back about the MRI exam he took Tuesday. Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad is attempting to speak with renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews about the MRI, according to Gardner’s agent Joe Bick. That conversation should happen Thursday.

“At the end of the day, we’ll have a pretty good idea what’s going on,” Bick said.
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From Connor Orr:
Manager Joe Girardi did not have any definitive news on injured left fielder Brett Gardner (right elbow) Tuesday night, amid reports Gardner could be sidelined for the remainder of the season.

Girardi said he called Gardner yesterday, but couldn’t speak with him because Gardner was undergoing an MRI.

“I think he was in the MRI tube,” Girardi joked, saying he couldn’t call again or else it would “mess up the scanner.”

When reached Tuesday night, Gardner’s agent, Joe Bick, said he didn’t have an update, either. Girardi expects to have a report on the MRI by Wednesday.


Girardi revealed before Monday night’s game against Toronto that Gardner had to be shut down again due to the elbow flaring up after a simulated game on Sunday.

But Girardi wasn’t ready to count out Gardner, even if he can’t be productive at the plate. He said if Gardner isn’t fully healthy, he could be used for his defense and in pinch-running situations later in the season.

“You could do that in September, sure,” Girardi said. “It just depends, if he doesn’t get healthy, what we’d have to do.”
I assume the results will be in fairly soon, so check back later for an update.

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