Sunday, September 9, 2012

Screw You, Jerry Meals

OK, we've all seen the play, and if not, you can above. To make matters worse, here's what crew chief Mike Winters said after the game:
“We looked at a replay. The replay we had, honestly, was not a very good angle and inconclusive. That was just a very, very close play. Until I see a definite replay, I really can’t give you any more than that.”

“We saw a replay and from where I’m sitting, it’s inconclusive. It’s very close. That’s a very close play.”
No, moron it was not very close, not at all. Like John Sterling said, "he was safe by a lot".

Here's what Tex and Girardi had to say about the play:
Mark Teixeira

“Pretty sure the game was televised so everyone saw what it was. It was just a terrible call. It happens.”

“Very frustrating. It started in the eighth inning. We could have had a big inning there and a questionable call on me as well. And in the ninth, sometimes you wonder if the umpires are just trying to get out of there. They don’t want you to make a comeback, they want to go home, because those are terrible calls. It is what it is, but we’re out there fighting, I’m out there playing on one leg and I wish it would have gone my way.”

“It wasn’t even that close, that’s what’s disappointing. We’re out here battling, we’re scratching and clawing for every win, and it wasn’t close. I’m not one to complain about calls, but that was bad.”

“I’m probably going to get fined, but I don’t care, really, because I’m out there fighting. We’re out there fighting. When you’re battling like we’re battling and I’m out there on one leg and they can’t get a call right, that pisses you off. It really does.”

Joe Girardi

“It’s not a bang-bang play. He’s safe. He’s clearly safe. Jerry missed it. You hate to lose a game that way, but he missed it.”

“It’s extremely frustrating. The way we battled back, down in the seventh, get a run in the eighth and you have a chance to tie the ballgame, it’s frustrating. It’s a shame.”

“They’re going to watch it and they’re going to know they missed it.”
Sadly, Joe, they did not know that, or at least they refused to admit it. What else can I say? These umpires suck.

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