Monday, October 22, 2012

Sherman: Cano Wants 10-Year Deal

From Joel Sherman:
Whenever I have asked about his financial goals, Cano always has said he is not concentrating on that subject. Yet a few members of the team told me Cano has said he is expecting a 10-year contract at top-of-the-market dollars. In a conversation with me yesterday, Boras also did not give numbers, but it was clear he expects his client to be treated financially like one of the great players in the game.

Boras said he anticipates the no-brainer move of the Yankees picking up Cano’s $15 million 2013 option, but he does not foresee an extension this offseason because “their normal course of action with players under contracts is to let them play it out, so I don’t think there will be urgency on their part.”

The Yankees’ urgency is in knowing that if an extension is not done by the start of spring training, Boras almost certainly would take their best player into the free-agent market for 30 teams to bid on a year from now.
You obviously pick up his option for next season, $15 million for Cano is very reasonable, even with his annual October disappearing act. But if those are going to be his demands, I think the Yankees should call his bluff and see if any other team is stupid enough to give Cano that type of deal. If there is one, then they should strongly consider letting him walk.

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