Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yankees Leaning Towards Pettitte in Game 2, Kuroda in Game 3

From Mark Hale:
The Yankees certainly can start Kuroda, who has been their No. 2 starter this season. But now they also have the option of starting Pettitte in Game 2 on seven days’ rest and moving Kuroda to Game 3 on Wednesday. That would allow Kuroda (16-11, 3.32 ERA) to pitch on two extra days’ rest, which seemingly would be beneficial to the right-hander.

Girardi said a Game 3 start for Kuroda is a strong possibility.

“That’s something that we’re going to have to talk about. Absolutely,” he said. “[Kuroda] had an unbelievable season, and that’s something we’ll definitely consider.”


“I’m going to respect any decisions that Joe makes,” Kuroda said of potentially being pushed to Game 3.

Another factor that could influence Girardi’s Game 2 decision is because CC Sabathia will pitch in Game 1, do the Yankees want their two lefty starters to pitch on consecutive days? As for home-road splits, Kuroda and Pettitte have been far better in The Bronx this season (Games 3-5 will be at the Stadium). Kuroda has a 2.72 ERA at home versus a 4.23 one on the road, while Pettitte owns a 1.85 ERA at home and a 4.26 one away.
I like the plan. Kuroda has been better at home all season, and he could use the extra couple days rest after throwing a career high number of innings.

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