Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teixeira Feeling Good About the Team and His Health

From Mark Feinsand:
"I really feel good about our team this year," Teixeira said. "It's actually fun when everyone else counts you out because it kind of makes guys want it a little bit more. Every year we want it, but this year especially, it's going to be even more of a challenge. I think that's going to make it more exciting as the year goes on."


"All you hear about is the Blue Jays; that's good," Teixeira said. "They had a heck of an offseason and it's a very good team. We have five quality teams in our division. It used to be that you had to worry about maybe one or two teams and you hoped to win two out of three or sweep the bottom teams. That's not going to happen this year. Every single game in our division is going to be tough."
Tex seems to like embracing the Yankees "underdog" status, after all he did the same thing in Spring Training of 2011. That said, this time around they really are underdogs, which is surprising and sad considering they're going to outspend 28 out of the 29 other teams in baseball. Moving on...
Teixeira has been working out for several weeks, getting himself ready to play for Joe Torre's Team USA in next month's World Baseball Classic. After missing 39 of the final 43 games last season with a calf injury, Teixeira tried to alter his offseason program to give him the best chance of staying healthy.

"Nothing real major, just being smarter about certain things," said Teixeira, who cut back on the amount of weightlifting he does. "When you have a season where you get injured with the calf, it's 'Why did I get injured?' Really addressing those type of things, I had a great offseason. I feel really good and I'm excited about spring training starting."


"There's really no reason for me at this point in my career to try to start doing things differently," Teixeira said. "I've had such a successful career playing to my strengths. Now that being said, I want to be the best at what I do well, and that's hitting home runs, driving in runs and playing Gold Glove defense. I know if I do those three things I'm going to help my team win because at the end of the day that's why I'm here.”
One problem that Tex seems to have as a Yankees is that he's far too pull happy, and I'd like to see he had said he's going to try and use the whole feels more often as opposed to "hitting home runs". If he continues to want to do nothing but pull the ball I think we're looking at another .250 year for Tex.

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