Monday, March 18, 2013

Yankees Still Looking For Outfield Help

From Dan Martin:
“I’m open,” Cashman said following the Yankees’ 7-0 split-squad loss to the Phillies at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “Opening Day’s not till a ways down the line. I’m keeping my eyes open elsewhere. Our guys are competing for a spot, and there are other guys not even wearing this Yankee uniform right now that might be competing for a spot that we’re watching elsewhere.”


In the meantime, Cashman made it clear he’s not done looking for help for an injury-depleted lineup.

“Toward the end of camp, we’ll evaluate what we have and evaluate what’s available outside of our camp,” Cashman said.

“[Longtime scout and former GM] Gene Michael taught me to sift through the nuggets and separate the gold from the rest of the debris. We’re trying to get as much sifting as we can get and hopefully run into some gold.”
As for anyone that's available who would actually help, I'm drawing a blank. Is there anyone you'd like to see the Yankees go after?

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