About SIH

My name is Greg Cohen and this is my Yankees blog. I'm not a professional writer, just a die-hard Yankees fan, so, please forgive me for the occasional typo or grammar mistake, there will be many.

I created this blog because I'm opinionated, and I like to talk about baseball, and specifically, the Yankees. Those are good enough reasons, right?

I was 5 years old when my dad took me to my first baseball game. It was the first time I ever saw Yankee Stadium in person and it was love at first sight. The Stadium, with Eddie Layton on the organ and Bob Sheppard on the PA, was the coolest place on earth to that 5-year-old. Disneyland had nothing on Yankee Stadium. The Yankees have been one of my life's greatest passions every since.

We had seats in the loge boxes on the first base line, and the Yanks won the game. It was a great day, and the old stadium is still my favorite place on earth.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

*****UPDATED (7/28/09)******

With the additions of Mike N., YankeeBoy98, JoeNYY, and Durden, Sliding Into Home has now grown to five writers.

 *****UPDATED (3/12/10)******

More changes and additions as Sliding Into Home moves into its third season covering our Yankees. We have added a Forum to SIH, and we've added some new writers--Frank Barra, JBigman, Bob Johnston (crossfire), Domenic L., Leigh A. Mayo, Robert Nicholson,  Christopher McKeown , Patrick Stapleton, and TDC--bring the staff total to 15.