Saturday, February 18, 2012

Damon Doesn't Understand Why Yanks Don't Want Him

From Jon Heyman:
Johnny Damon doesn't get it, doesn't get why he's not getting offers after the year he had. Damon didn't get why he didn't receive an offer from the incumbent Rays after he was a leader for them in the clubhouse and on the field, and now he doesn't get why he seemingly is running second as a candidate to be the Yankees' left-handed DH.

"I think it's a perfect fit,'' Damon said of the Yankees by phone. "But for some reason you have the year I had, especially with a team that has trouble scoring, and you can't even get a call to continue playing."
And while it has been reported that the Yanks were considering bringing Damon back, according to the NY Post it isn't going to happen:
There won't be a Johnny Damon II.

According to Damon, he isn't returning to the Yankees as a free agent.

"We both are looking at other options now,'' Damon told The Post Saturday and called it "unfortunate.''

According to GM Brian Cashman, Damon contacted the club.

"He called and I told him the truth. He is not the No. 1 option if and when I turn to DH options,'' Cashman said.
Do you think the Yanks should be targeting Damon over Ibanez?

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