Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey Cano, wake the **** up!

From SNY.TV:
Robinson Cano slipped undetected out the front door of the Yankees' clubhouse Saturday afternoon as reporters swarmed Alex Rodriguez. The youngster didn't want to talk about how his slipup an hour earlier might have cost his team the game, and maybe a shot at the playoffs.

"Hopefully he doesn't make that mistake again," Rodriguez said
Manager Joe Girardi was almost deliriously upbeat in his assessment of Cano's mess up, likening the Dominican to future Hall of Fame second baseman Roberto Alomar. The skipper excused Cano's errant throw, saying that he has certain "smoothness" to his game that some may confuse with being reckless.

Fitting, for it was with certain smoothness that Cano ducked out of the clubhouse to avoid explaining his mistake.
Robinson Cano is a moron, and continues to prove that he really doesn't "get it." When you make a mistake that costs your team a game, and helps kill whatever small chances they had at October baseball, you face the music and speak with the media. You don't slip out the back door (or front door in this case) and avoid having to discuss your mistake. That's not being a man, and that's not the Yankee-Way. In fact, Robinson Cano doesn't seem to do much the Yankee-Way these days.

Whether you like A-Rod or not, at least he's man enough to face the media after a bad game. And he's not afraid to say "It was my fault, blame me. I take full responsibility for today's loss." That's what you're supposed to do, not run and hide.

And don't blame him for saying that he hopes Cano doesn't make that mistake again, somebody needed to say it. It obviously wasn't going to be the manager, who instead of admitting that Cano made a mistake, he decides to compliment the guy. How the hell does he compare Cano to Roberto Alomar after today's game? The kid throws the game away and you give him an ego boost by comparing him to one of the greatest 2nd baseman who ever lived, are you f***ing insane?

Wasn't this guy supposed to be a tough, no nonsense manager? Instead all he seems to want to be is everybody's buddy. That's not a manager's job.

If I were the manager of this team Cano would have two days off to think about both his mistakes; the error on the field, and the error off of it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, we all have to bow down to God (the media). Our news media which art in heaven.

Who the flip does the media think they are? And, who the hell do you think you are sticking up for a bunch of satanic liars who spread lies, and propaganda?

Flipping Americans are so dumb its pathetic. 2 generations raised on this garbage. What a joke. They think the morning newspaper is the Bible.

Cano's an idiot but who cares whether he speaks with the media? Who the hell is the media? They are nothing but a bunch of salesman. News creates news ($$$$$$$$$$).

Greg Cohen said...

"Satanic liars"? We're talking about beat writers for the Yankees, relax.

And I'm not sticking up for the media, but I do think Cano should have answered questions after the game.

Players are expected to speak to the media so the fans can hear from them. I as a fan enjoy hearing/reading post game comments. And when a player does something great, or terrible, I want to hear from that player. That's the way it happens these days. And when you hide from it, it makes you look like a child.

Also, by not speaking with the media it opens the player up for more negative press, which is never good.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely Greg, Cano should not have avoided the post game questions, it only makes him look like a fool.

But not as much of a fool as the idiot who just commented. What the fuck is your problem man?

- J.C.

Anonymous said...

... And I have no idea what Girardi is thinking either. Cano needs a kick in the ass, not a compliment.

- J.C.

Anonymous said...

He also abandoned his teammates and manager who had to answer questions about his stupid mistake.

You losers were so dumb to sign this guy long-term. AHAHAHAHHA.

- A Mets fan.

Joe said...

Did anyone watch the game??? His flip to second base did not bounce once, it was not out of range for Jeter, how is Cano blamed for this error? It might have been low, but how much are we nit picking, this is the major leagues?

How about the 9th inning, 2 on and none out, and we can't tie the EFFing game up.

Let's blame this game on the "Captain" who can't take a low handoff from 2nd to short, or A-Rod who grounds into a DP whenever shit matters.

Greg Cohen said...

Nobody is denying that A-Rod choked big time.

Jeter may have been able to catch it, but like you said, this is the major leagues and Cano should have put that ball at Jeter's chest where it's supposed to be. That's why he gets the error.

And that error opened the flood gates. The least he could have done was hang around to answer questions about it.

Anonymous said...

It's the same old story.Poor execution,mental mistakes and BAD fundamental baseball. Im tired of watching this team . Thank God college football is on.


n.t. said...

I'm perfectly used to Yankees fans being critical of the team this year. It's acceptable, and even necessary. But I don't come to this blog to read stuff like "Robinson Cano is a moron." He made a bad play in the field, and didn't own up to it, maybe he has attitude problems, but I don't ever want to hear that crap out of the mouth of someone who calls himself a fan. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, I dunno.

Greg Cohen said...

What are you talking about? Why would it upset you that I called Cano a moron?

If he has an attitude problem, and can't fix it, then yes, he's a moron.

Any player who can't get his head in the game without Larry Bowa yelling at them is a moron.

He's also clearly not a smart baseball player, and now it's carrying over to off the field stuff.

Anonymous said...