Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caldera: Time for Yanks to get creative

How will they get creative? Well Pete Caldera has some ideas. Here are several trade possibilities he suggests for the Yanks.

For the pitching staff:
As a trade target, Kansas City right-hander Zack Greinke’s name has been floated, since he’s approaching the expensive years of his arbitration-eligible status. This year, Greinke, 24, was 13-10, with a 3.47 ERA in a little more than 200 innings, and he totaled 183 strikeouts.

Oakland’s Justin Duchscherer, 30, isn’t a free agent until after next season, and he’s had hip issues that compromise his trade value. But he is a front-line talent who might become available during the ’09 season, following this summer’s movement of rotation mates Rich Harden and Joe Blanton.

For the outfield:

Colorado’s Matt Holliday (.321, 25, 88) is owed $13.5 million next season, a year before he’s eligible for free agency. Holliday, 28, as a left fielder could push Johnny Damon back to center field, and move Xavier Nady to right field — provided that the Yankees deny Bobby Abreu’s request for a multi-year deal.

Kansas City’s David DeJesus, 30, certainly could improve the club’s athleticism; the former Rutgers star, with similar stats (.307, 12, 73) to Damon plays all three outfield spots.

For first base:

One intriguing target is Colorado’s Garrett Atkins, 28, another productive hitter whose increasing arbitration-aided salaries might tempt the Rockies to deal now. Atkins’ on-base percentage plunged to .328, from .409 two years ago.

I'd take either of the two pitchers in a heartbeat, especially Greinke. 24 years old and he had a 3.47 ERA in 200+ innings in the AL? Where do I sign?

I'm not as sold on Duchscherer, but like I said, I'd take him. The Yanks desperately need starting pitching.

On to the outfield; Dejesus had a sub-par year defensively, which bothers me a bit. If the Yanks are going to bring in a center fielder, he needs to be very good defensively. I still have no problem with the Yankees sticking with Gardner.

Holiday is a very good ballplayer, but he will cost an arm and a leg so it depends on what Colorado would want in return.

As for first base, Atkins is a decent option, but Mark Teixeira and Casey Kotchman are much better options. And Atkins' splits scare me, he's a .342/.380/.523 hitter at home, and just a .233/.278/.383 hitter on the road. Seems like a Coors Field hitter to me. I'd stay away.


logan69 said...

Your trade possibilities, while good, are a tad off the mark. The pitching: Zack Greinke, good idea but he is a headcase and I do not think he could handle NY. Justin Duchsherer, also a good idea, but Billy Beane will want a hell of a lot of quality prospects for the guy.

Outfield: Holliday, how does he perform away from Coors, I notice you show the results for atkins away from Coors, what about Holliday.

DeJesus, seems like a good possibility.

Don't get me wrong, I like all of these guys, I just think that the price in prospects would be a little steep.

Matt said...

I agree on getting Holiday but thats it. I want Holiday in right. Damon in Left, and Nady at FIRST. Tell me what you think.

Greg Cohen said...

Logan, they're Pete Caldera's trade possibilities, not mine. All I said was which ones I wouldn't mind the Yankees taking a look at.

You're right the cost will probably be too high.

Matt, I don't mind that at all as long as Nady can play a good enough first base.

But I'm wondering why you don't like Greinke and Duchscherer?

If they can be had for a reasonable price, why not?

Anonymous said...

Grienke was a headcase. I think after getting treatment for his emotional problems, he has been more alive. Grienke is only going to get better. He has filthy stuff and he is young. I also don't think it would take a lot to get him. Probably just prospects. KC cannot afford him because he is going to get great money in Arbitration. I like the 1B options mentioned but would also like to know if we could get ourselves Joey Votto.

Mike said...

Yanks have Grienke's brother in the minors.

Matt said...

Joey Votto is the man, but if Nady can play a good 1st base, you'd save the Yanx money plus prospects that they can use on pitching.

Mr. Faded Glory said...

Jesus, I hate when completely uninformed columnists make trade proposals or targets without having the proper information.

Greinke has good stats, but as a previous commenter mentioned, he took a year off because he couldn't handle the pressure of the majors... and now put him in NY?

Holliday? No thanks. Have any of you "let's get Holliday!!" supporters actually looked at his home/road splits? The guy is a product of Coors Field.

And of course, Caldera suggests another ROckie in Atkins.

Greg Cohen said...

mr. faded glory,

Greinke is 24 years old, so I'm willing to give him a pass on any emotional problems he may have had. He seems to have put them behind him. He's a good pitcher, and that's really all that matters.

Holliday's road splits have improved greatly over the past few years, .308/.405/.486 this year and
.301/.374/.485 last season. Not nearly as good as he is at home, but still very good. But he still won't be worth what the Rockies will ask for him so I do agree that they probably shouldn't trade for him.