Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joba and His Innings

OK, I've had enough of the Torre book for now (although I know something else will surface in the next few hours), so let's move on to something else....

There has been a lot of talk about Joba Chamberlain and his innings limits for the upcoming season. Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors and Roto Authority asked 11 baseball writers for their opinions and here's what they had to say (hat tip to Zell's Pinstripe Blog):
The average comes to 142.9 innings.
Last season he threw threw 100.1 innings, and he pitched a career high 118.2 innings with Nebraska in 2005. I worry about his health, but he should still be able to throw 145-150 innings this year.

What do you guys think, how many innings will Joba throw in 2009?


Joseph said...

I am going to say 115. Only because injuries happen to your staff, and I see him being shuffled from the rotation to the bullpen all season long.

Greg Cohen said...

While I wouldn't be surprised if they did end up doing it, shuffling him back and forth again in '09 would be a huge mistake. The Yankees must decide where they want Joba and leave him there. It's not good for the Yankees, Joba, and especially Joba's arm to have him go from reliever to starter and so on.

Joseph said...

They just had him on Hot Stove, and apparently Cashman told him in November he will be starting. He mentioned how physically he will be ready for anything, but mentally it is exhausting not knowing exactly what you will be doing. I will admit, I use to be one of those who never wanted him in the rotation, but after I saw him be as dominant in the rotation as he was in the pen, I think it would be crazy to put him anywhere else.

Greg Cohen said...

"I think it would be crazy to put him anywhere else."

I agree, the guy has proven that he can not only be a good starter, but he can be a great one. The rotation is where I think he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Yea look, we all know and loved Joba coming out for the 8th it was ELECTRIC, and i must say i am a huge joba follower. I went to his first, and second starts at the stadium and i think it is where he belongs. Look its not like he has always been a one or two inning guy he started throughout college. Thats what he does, as i have always said would you rather have joba for 150+ innings or 70-80 ??

I love the guy for one of two reasons one is his electricity energy wise, i feel he is like our answer to pabelbum but worth more, pablebum is an arrogant guy who got lucky with his championship in '07, and then his story with the ball ... "MY DOG ATE IT" come on .. I hate him with a passion and think energy wise joba is up there with him but he can do more being a starter .. but i will say this joba is arrogant but the difference is he reps the pinstripes ahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Jeteristheman said...

140 tops.

Derek said...

Peeking my head to say hi again, Greg.

I have a strong conviction that Joba and A.J.'s innings will be the two most interesting office pools of '09. Thinking of setting one up for both.. My guesses? 140 for Joba, 160 for AJ, and Alfredo Aceves will log in over 125 due to assorted injuries as a wild card.

As for the Torre controversy, since I havent had a chance to weigh in... I think its just smart book selling... the more we delve into the actual words that were said, third person or not, none of the things he said have been news.. and I dont see it as having that much of a negative impact on his relationship with the team, its players or the possibility of him ever coming back for an old timers day or something to that effect.

If he didnt bad mouth Randy Levine, then you know he doesnt want to completely burn his bridge with the Yankees, cause if he did have a vendetta, thatd be the first place he should have and would have gone.

Sorry if i repeated any points anyone has made previously, didnt have time to check, just type n go. haha.

Check back in with ya soon Greg, spring is closeeeeee baby.... P&C in three weeks!!!

Derek said...

Haha, so in the interest of catching up and making sure my post was relevant(which i always seem to do)... I checked the previous posts and conversations and my, things havent changed, we still see eye to eye on the drama of yankeedom, Greg, good to know. haha.

E-mail me that call of duty name, by the way.


Greg Cohen said...

Hey Derek,

I really hope AJ can throw more than 160 innings. They're gonna need a big year out of him.

And I agree with you about the Torre book completely.

Can't wait for spring training to start either. I miss baseball.

Phillip said...

141.6, huh?

Greg Cohen said...

What do you think he'll get up to next year Phillip?

Phillip said...

Well personally, I'd WANT him to be around 90 innings, all out of the pen.

Rushing guys like this brings names like, oh I don't know, Fausto Carmona, and Francisco Liriano to mind. Yknow, guys that had to spend full seasons on the DL from surgery who are in their early 20's because they were rushed by their teams.

But I expect it to be right around 130 or so, give or take 10 innings.

The reason why I posed "141.6, huh" was because there IS NO 141.6 when it comes to innings, is there? Wouldn't it be 141, 141.1, 141.2, 143? Am I missing something?