Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lucchino: "We're going to outwork and outsmart them"

From Lenny Megliola:
Lucchino was asked how the Red Sox would stand up to the free-spending Yankees. "We're going to outwork and outsmart them," but he conceded that with New York's deep pockets, "It won't be easy."
Shut up Larry...

He also believes it will be a three-team race in the AL East and he's happy with the makeup of the Red Sox:
“It’s going to be a three-team race,” said Lucchino. “(The Rays) are an awfully good team. Everyone in baseball predicted their ascendancy. It just arrived earlier.”

Lucchino will take his chances with his own team. He likes the Red Sox’ diversification. “The makeup is excellent. We’ve got some young players, some players in their prime. Depth of pitching. Short contracts. Long contracts. It’s a nice balance.”


Anonymous said...

Too much whining and complaining from the red sox.

Lucchino was quiet when the yankees outsmarted the sox on Teixeira

dan said...

he makes it sound like the sox payroll is $50 million.

Anonymous said...

well Lucchino can eat a dick

Joseph Ventura said...

Anon, couldn't of said it better. We outsmarted them with Tex. I think it is going to be a 2 team race, us and the Sox...I don't think Tampa has a shot in hell at doing what they did again. I want to meet the Tampa fan who thinks his pitching staff is going to stay healthy for the year, and smack him across the face.

Greg Cohen said...

I'm hoping Tampa is like the 2006 Tigers, one great run and that's it.