Saturday, February 28, 2009

2/28 New Stadium Update

Here's three new videos of the new stadium
from Youtube member xxcLuTcH2

And now onto for the pictures....The first five overhead shots come from WCBS 880's Tom Kaminski. The next two come from member Coach Bombay. The next nine pictures from from Flickr member Daniel, Peralta and topkidnum1. And the final six come from one of this blog's readers, Steve A.

(click to enlarge)

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Liam Gallagher said...

Holy Sh*t the place looks good.

Greg Cohen said...

Yea it does look good. I just still, and probably always will, hate that restaurant in center with a passion.

Anonymous said...

What do you suggest they should have put there instead of the restaurant? Ivory trees like everyone else seems to have?
Whether it's trees or a restaurant most teams have either one of those 2.
You need a solid structure to serve as a batter's eye. I'm not sure what else could go out there other then 1 of those 2 things.

Greg Cohen said...

How about keeping the black seats?

Yankeeboy98 said...

I'm going to the first (exhibition) game on April 3rd versus the Cubs. My seats are Legends 16 Row 5, just behind the Yankees dugout. They're like the best seats in the entire stadium.

I'm so f***ing excited!

Anonymous said...

Greg the restaurant is gonna be so cool because flocks of corporate "fans" are so awesome

Anonymous said...

While corporate "fans" aren't "hardcore", who says there aren't hardcore Yankee fans that aren't also rich? Money doesn't necessarily make you a great Yankee fan, just as being a "regular joe" doesn't make you a good fan either. I posted a comment about this before, but I've been to the stadium on some days where I'm sitting amongst a bunch of couldn't-care-less people at the game. They're not paying attention, talking on their cell phones, joking around, and probably can't even tell you what the score is.

Maybe the new place will weed out some of the more casual fans and end up with more of those who are die hard and dedicated enough to pony up.

Anonymous said...


Or there could be even more disinterested people talking on their cell phones, and joking around; because the dedicated and die hard fans are getting squeezed out by the people that you describe.

Anonymous said...

The people I described are clueless teenagers. The ones that aren't on the cell phones are too busy drinking beers or trying to figure out who Phil Coke is to have a clue about the Yankees.

People are giving the "average Joe" way too much credit. I've sat around a lot of average joes, and they don't cheer when a guy gets the runner over with a ground ball to the right side, they don't cheer when there's two strikes, they don't know what the heck is going on half the time.

I don't care how much money you make or if your company got you cushy seats, the bottom line is that money (or lack thereof) doesn't make you either a good fan or a bad fan. But having to pay more to see a game just might eliminate those people who say "let's just go see a game for the hell of it".

Anonymous said...

Having black seats doesn't help money wise if you're the Yankees. And it's also not being very creative.
The Yankees and the rest of sports are a business. They are suppose to find ways to make money.
And having a CF restaurant with an outdoor food court on top of it along with seats fans can sit on top of the CF restaurant = $$$$

I actually think although the CF restaurant isn't original (other teams have that but it's only a couple) it's a nice concept.
I've never thought of a Out Door Food Court being on top of a Restaurant or having fans be able to seat up there.

Greg Cohen said...

I understand the money issue, but the Mets have grass in center, so do the Cardinals. They aren't making money with that either.

The Yankees will make a ton of money with or without the restaurant.

The Bentton One said...

your right, i mean, it's the yankees. the richest mother f****** team in the whole world. with, or without that restaurant, the yankees are still gonna make dough. they didn't have a restaurant in the old stadium, and we made madd money over there. honestly, that whole outfield needs a makeover. i'm just lookin' out for the bleacher creatures. i mean that big ass restaurant in the middle? makes no sense at all. or maybe they can have the restaurant in the middle, and do something to reconstructure the seats where u can still see on the other side. and can you even see part of the stadium on the 4 train?

Liam Gallagher said...

Yankee Boy,
Do you have a extra ticket? Thoughs seats are fucking great. Your a lucky bastard. I would love to be u right now.

Anonymous said...

Well that's what I said Greg, it's either grass or a restaurant.
If you're the Yankees (a sports business meaning you find ways to make money) why put grass or trees there and make 0 amount of money when you could actually put a place of business there aka CF restaurant?

If you are the Yankees which would you do?

As far as the Mets and CitField batters eye is concerned I think it sucks.
There's not much solidness to CitiFields batters eye. An apple is there. lol

Well anyway to finish I think fans are really are going to like this stadium. And once fans start coming and actually watch the game instead of looking at pictures they will liken to the place.

Anonymous said...

The place looks so f*&king cool!! WOW!! JUST WOW!! i can't wait to go. I'm buying my single game tickets on stubhub. screw it. I'm so psyched! all i've been looking at all winter long is pics and occasionally driving by the place. I don't have a problem with the restaurant really. Its way better than empty black space. makes no sense to just have black space in the back on a brand new stadium. I love the restaurant concept with Monument Park underneath. it looks very nice. people will find one thing or another to complain about. me? i'm a glass half full type of guy. can't wait to see the 2009 yankees play in this Colosseum. it reminds me of the roman Colosseum. wow, great pics! This stadium kicks Citifield @ss TEN FOLD!!