Monday, February 22, 2010

Burnett Blames Himself For Issues With Posada

From Chad Jennings:
“It all went back to when I was right,” Burnett said. “If Jorge was going to catch me or not, it would be irrelevant because when my mind’s right, then everything is a lot easier for Jorge.”


“I think sometimes when people talk about the relationship, they make the relationship bigger than it is, like it’s what they do when they’re not in the game together,” manager Joe Girardi said. “To me, it’s just the understanding of the pitcher when he’s on the mound that day and what you need to do. That’s the relationship that you continue to learn.”


“That’s what started it all,” Burnett said. “I never questioned Jorge. Never would, never did. I questioned myself, and then everybody thought I questioned Jorge. He’s caught in this league for a long time, and I can do nothing but learn from him, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Jennings also reports that Burnett says he wants Posada to catch all his games, and the only problem they had was a communication issue, something he obviously wants to fix. This is good for the team. They don't need these two having problems all year. I'm glad Burnett is looking to fix whatever problems he had with Posada, hopefully Posada does his part.

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