Saturday, July 24, 2010

How many HOFers on this great team?

With Jorge’s 1000th RBI last night and A-Rod’s upcoming 600 HR it got me thinking:
How many future HOFers are on this 2010 version of the greatest team on earth? Can it set a record? (The record for HOFers on a team in a single season is 9 plus a HOF manager held by the 1928 & 1931-33 Yanks. The 1930 version had the 9 but not the manager:

1928 -- Combs, Coveleski, Bill Dickey, Durocher, Gehrig, Hoyt, Lazzeri, Pennock, Ruth, manager Huggins.

1930 -- Combs, Dickey, Gehrig, Gomez, Hoyt, Lazzeri, Pennock, Ruffing, Ruth.

1931-33 -- Combs, Dickey, Gehrig, Gomez, Lazzeri, Pennock, Ruffing, Ruth, Sewell, manager McCarthy.

As an aside, I learned that the Yanks actually do not have the most total HOFers, actually we’re 3d behind the Giants and Cardinals.

Anyway, setting steroids issues aside I concluded the following:
  • First Ballot (in order of likely voter percentage): Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod
  • Probable: Pettitte, Posada, Sabathia
  • Working On It: Tex, Cano
  • Major Longshots But Possible: Hughes, Joba, Girardi
If all make it, that’s 10 plus the manager – the talent is there, it will be fun seeing it play out. Your thoughts?

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