Friday, July 30, 2010

Potential Dunn-ish (Dunn-esque?) Targets

With the deadline a bit over twenty-four hours away, the Yankees are rumored to be kicking the tires on some left-handed power to fill the DH role. With Adam Dunn all but out of the question, I took a look around for similar players that could potentially be moved by 4 pm tomorrow. Without further ado:

Russell Branyan, Mariners
.259/.327/.487, 13 HR, 120 wRC+ (224 AB)

Branyan isn't owed much, and the Mariners are going nowhere fast. With Smoak entrenched at first and Bradley and Kotchman getting plenty of licks at DH, I'm not quite sure that Branyan has much of a place in Seattle's line-up right now. I am sure, however, that he could be had for a couple of marginal prospects. I could see him passing through waivers, though, so this is a move that could come in a few weeks.... Owed - pro-rated $1.5 M, $5 M mutual option ($0.5 M buyout)

Luke Scott, Orioles
.287/.354/.567, 17 HR, 146 wRC+ (261 AB)

Scott has a fair bit of value (team control, decent glove at 1B and LF/RF), and I feel like he could be a dark horse candidate for those unwilling to pay the Nationals' exorbitant asking price for Dunn. While he's not quite as good as he's playing this year, he does have an established level of production that could lead to him being a decent player to hold onto, as well. He's likely to cost more than Branyan, but I also feel that he's the superior player.
Owed - pro-rated $4.05 M, arbitration eligible

Jim Edmonds, Brewers
.289/.353/.513, 8 HR, 137 wRC+ (197 AB)

While Edmonds is due for a bit of regression, he also has the type of swing that is incredibly well-suited for Yankee Stadium. He's also capable of fielding all three outfield positions, which would strengthen the bench a great deal. Given his age, 40, I don't think the Brewers could conceivably ask for much in return - and I also see him as a possibility to be acquired after the non-waiver deadline.... Owed - pro-rated $0.85 M.

Adam LaRoche, Diamondbacks
.254/.331/.448, 14 HR, 104 wRC+ (339 AB)

Given the return in the Dan Haren deal, I feel like LaRoche could be had for Miranda and Park... with the Diamondbacks paying the remainder of LaRoche's contract. In all seriousness, LaRoche has been very hot and cold this season, but he represents an upgrade nonetheless - and with the Diamondbacks in semi-fire sale mode, I don't think the price would be too egregious.... Owed - pro-rated $4.5 M, $7.5 M mutual option ($1.5 M buyout)

Jack Cust, Athletics
.299/.408/.503, 8 HR, 154 wRC+ (167 AB)

Cust has prodigious power, a dead-pull swing, and a great deal of plate discipline - all of which could make him a monster in the Yankees line-up (not to mention Yankee Stadium). He's not much of an option to play in the field, but I don't think the Yankees really need that, either. He may be my favorite of the bunch, as I feel like he'd benefit more from a move to Yankee Stadium than anyone else listed - including Dunn.... Owed - pro-rated $2.65 M, arbitration eligible

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