Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mark Melancon is a Crybaby

From Bernardo Fallas (hat-tip to NYBD):
Astros righthander Mark Melancon, who joined the Astros from the Yankees July 31 in the trade that sent Lance Berkman to the Bronx, has not been in Houston very long. But he can already spot at least one big difference when pitching at Minute Maid Park than at Yankee Stadium.

"You feel like (the fans) have your back," said Melancon, who picked up his first career win in Tuesday's 4-3 victory over the New York Mets. "It's nice to pitch in that circumstance."

Every Yankee fan I know was hoping Melancon would become a major part of this team, so the support was there. The problem is that when you don't perform and cost the team games, you're going to hear it from the crowd, that's just New York being New York. If whatever lack of support (a few boos?) he felt actually bothered him, than the Yankees are better off without him. There's no place for spineless pitchers in this town.

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