Thursday, September 2, 2010

A-Rod Dumps Boras

From Bob Nightengale:
It's possible Alex Rodriguez won't need another baseball contract negotiated on his behalf, but for now, he has abandoned powerful agent Scott Boras and retained Pittsburgh sports attorney Jay Reisinger and Washington lawyer Jim Sharp.

They have been handling his legal and government affairs since February 2009. Reisinger, a certified agent with the players association, confirmed that he and Sharp are his attorneys, in an e-mail to the Daily Pitch.

Resinger, 41, a partner in the firm of Farrell & Reisinger, is part of the legal team that represented Sammy Sosa and Andy Pettitte in their dealings with Congress on performance-enhancing drugs. He also represented Rodriguez during his admission to using steroids.
Here's some more from Craig Calcarterra:
Nightengale's report inspired me to make a couple of phone calls and I've learned that all of what he wrote is technically true, but it's a bit more stark. I'm hearing from reliable sources that A-Rod has definitely fired Scott Boras. Did so about a month ago. It wasn't really ugly or anything, which is why we didn't hear about it at the time, but it happened and the relationship is over. Enter Reisinger.
Apparently, A-Rod really trusts Reisinger and obviously is over the spell Boras originally had on him. However, many are saying that Reisinger is not his baseball agent. In fact, it's being reported that Reisinger/Sharp are expected to put out statement saying they are not A-Rod's baseball agents, and that could come as soon as today.

A-Rod has also been seen a lot lately with Hollywood agent Guy Oseary, but according to Jon Heyman, it isn't yet clear how he fits into this. So as of now it would seem that nobody knows who his baseball agent is. With his next contract coming up when he's 43, he probably won't need one.

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