Thursday, November 25, 2010

MLB Execs: Nobody Is Going to Match Yanks Offer For Jeter

From George A. King III:
In a survey of baseball officials yesterday, it appears Derek Jeter has a steep mountain to climb if he wants to better the Yankees' offer of three years for $45 million.

One day after general manager Brian Cashman encouraged the Yankees' captain to shop for a better deal, the reaction throughout baseball was mild.

Of course, it only takes one team to top the Yankees, but the executives firmly believe Jeter eventually will reach an agreement with the Yankees.

"What he needs to happen, and it won't, is for Boston to get in it to amp up the price," an exec said. "But that's not going to happen because he is a [Yankees] icon. And if they did that, Theo [Epstein, Red Sox GM] and Cashman would go to blows. There is nobody to drive the price up."

Even if there was a team -- and one high-ranking AL official said he thought the Orioles, Nationals, Cardinals or Giants might have an interest -- the chances of Jeter leaving New York for those cities are slim.

And with Jeter believed to be looking for a five- or six-year deal upwards of $20 million a season, those clubs aren't spending close to that. Even if they topped the $15 million per year offer, would Jeter leave for $17 million a year? Doubtful.

"Both sides are posturing, but it will get done," an exec predicted.

"He will be 37, a three-year deal is more than a generous offer," an NL executive said. "That's a pretty nice offer. Jeter is a Hall of Famer who will get 3,000 hits (he is 74 shy), and that should be done as a Yankee."
This pretty much confirms what we've been saying about this... OK, now go back to enjoying the holiday.

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