Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Leftovers

The following is a simple round-up of free agents that meet two relatively basic qualifications - they fill a professed need for the Yankees, and they aren't entirely worthless. Hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors for their free agent archive.

Utility Infielders
Willy Aybar
Decent amount of pop, strong history against LHP, adequate at 1B, 2B, and 3B
Christian Guzman
High-contact approach, middling power, switch-hitter (slightly better against LHP), adequate at 2B and SS
Jerry Hairston
High-contact approach, middling power, no platoon splits, fine base-runner, adequate at 2B and SS, solid outfielder as well
Scott Hairston
Mashes LHP, decent base-runner, solid defensive outfielder
Reed Johnson
Mashes LHP, sort of injury prone, solid corner outfielder, middling in center
Andruw Jones
Mashes LHP, solid corner outfielder, subpar in center
Gabe Kapler
Very good against LHP, solid corner outfielder, subpar in center
Manny Ramirez
Limited platoon splits in recent years, probably shouldn't play much outfield (though right could be easier in Yankee Stadium)
Marcus Thames
Mashes LHP, overachieved a bit last season, probably shouldn't play much outfield
Starting Pitchers
Justin Duchscherer
Limited to five (very good) starts over the past two seasons, decent groundball rate
Jeff Francis
Lefty, injury prone (shoulder issues), good groundball rates, good walk rates
Freddy Garcia
Injury prone, league-average innings eater
Kevin Millwood
League-average innings eater, trending down
Brad Penny
Injury prone, good groundball rates, good walk rates
Andy Pettitte
Baby come back
Brandon Webb
Hasn't pitched in nearly two years, shoulder issues - formerly elite, with very good groundball, strikeout, and walk rates
Grant Balfour
Type A free agent (draft pick), great strikeout rates, improved control, flyball pitcher
Todd Coffey
Underrated, very good groundball rates, good walk and strikeout rates
Octavio Dotel
Great strikeout rates, up and down control, flyball pitcher
Kevin Gregg
Very good strikeout rates, middling control, inconsisent groundball rates
Bob Howry
Did his best work with Larry Rothschild, flyball pitcher, good strikeout and walk rates
Chad Qualls
Very good groundball rate, good strikeout and walk rates
Jon Rauch
Good strikeout and walk rates, flyball pitcher
Takashi Saito
Great strikeout rates, very good control, neutral groundball/flyball splits
Rafael Soriano
Type A, elite reliever
While Cashman has certainly missed out on a fair share of quality players, there are still some fine options available. Signing the Brothers Hairston and Todd Coffey - reasonable targest, in my mind, would solidify the bench and bullpen quite a bit. If they're feeling frisky, perhaps the Yankees could roll the dice on Rafael Soriano (they do have a compensation round pick, after all).

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