Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Keith Law's Top 20 Impact Prospect List for 2011

Keith Law just posted his list for the upcoming season. You can read the whole list here on ESPN Insider. Braves 1st base prospect, Braves 1st baseman Freddie Freeman, Tampa right-hander Jeremy Hellickson, and Toronto right-hander Kyle Drabek filled the top 3 spots. The only Yankee to make the list is the one you would expect, Jesus Montero, who came in at #20. Here is what Law had to say:
20. Jesus Montero, C, N.Y. Yankees | Prospect Rank: 4
I have little doubt that he'll hit if he plays, but don't have a good sense of when he'll play -- or if he'll end up traded for a starting pitcher.
Along with the article came some ZiPS projections for all 20 players, here's Montero's projected numbers: .276/.334/.503, 28 HR, 87 RBI... Wow.

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