Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pavano's Return Was Actually Possible?

We heard reports of this over the offseason but I never took them seriously. I guess I probably should have. Here's more from Tim Bontemps:
Carl Pavano spent four forgettable years with the Yankees, but the disappointment that came from his struggles in his stint in The Bronx nearly led him back here last winter.


"It could have been a good opportunity to turn the story into a good story, instead of obviously a big disappointment for everyone involved the first time through," Pavano said before the Yankees and Twins played last night.

"We definitely had some dialogue, and there was some interest on both sides, but things just didn't work out."


"I think it was an interesting opportunity . . . maybe do well in a spot where I didn't do very well the first time," Pavano said. "But, like I said, things just didn't pan out.
I can't imagine the reaction from fans had that move gone down. Thank goodness it didn't happen.

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