Friday, June 24, 2011

K-Rod Open To Setting Up For Mo?

From Kristie Ackert:
While Brian Cashman seems to be looking far and wide for a setup man to help his ailing bullpen, maybe the Yankees general manager should check across town. Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez told the Daily News Thursday that he would not rule out a change in roles to go to a contending team such as the Yankees.

"If I am going to be traded, obviously I want the opportunity to close out games, but if it's going to be good teams like the Yankees or the Rays, and it's going to be for two months, I can go out there and help them out," Rodriguez said after the Mets' 4-1 victory over the A's at Citi Field Thursday.

Rodriguez is one of the Mets who could be on the block as next month's trade deadline looms. With former Rays closer Rafael Soriano currently injured and having been inconsistent in his adapted role as the Yankees setup man, and with Joba Chamberlain out for the season, Cashman admitted he has been on the lookout for a replacement.


The News reported last month that Rodriguez would consider waiving his 2012 option if the acquiring team was willing to offer him a multi-year deal. As a setup man for Mariano Rivera, however, he would not be finishing games, so the vesting option would not come into play.

Rodriguez's deal also has a no-trade clause to 10 teams, but he did not seem to feel that was a big obstacle.

"Honestly I don't even know what (teams) are on the no-trade clause, I haven't even been asked about that yet," Rodriguez said. "I mean I would definitely love to stay here, but I have to be open to every possibility out there right now."
The Yankees need a setup man, and K-Rod would certainly fill that void. I'm not sure what it would take to get him here, but at 9.5 out the Mets' season is going nowhere fast and I assume he will be available. But until we know what kind of deal it would take to get him here it's hard to say whether they should make a move or not, but if the price is reasonable I see no reason why they shouldn't. The combination of K-Rod and Mo would be deadly.

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