Monday, June 11, 2012

Update On Pettitte's Hand

From Chad Jennings:
Andy Pettitte had his left hand wrapped after today’s game, but he said he felt fortunate. He was fortunate to get out of the sixth inning, and fortunate to leave with no real concern about making his next start.

“It’s swollen, and as soon as the swelling gets out, it’ll be fine,” Pettitte said. “It swelled up, got me up high on the hand, toward my fingers. It was hard to throw. I couldn’t really feel the ball. It swelled up immediately and I just had a hard time feeling the ball in my hand. … I probably should have came out.”


Pettitte had X-rays which showed no broken bones, but his hand was swollen throughout those final two outs.
Looks like the Yankees dodged another bullet.

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