Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yanks Wooed Teixeira With Twisted Sister

From Lisa Olsen:
...Now the Red Sox were again heavy on the scene; Cashman figured he might as well play along.

So he did a bit of research, discovered Teixeira had a fondness for Twisted Sister, the iron men of '80s rock. Sometimes it really is this simple, this high-stakes recruiting game. Sure, it helped that the Yankees eventually offered $180 million over eight years, but what really wowed Teixeira was the super cool video Cashman revealed when he came to visit in the middle of December.

Shot in the new stadium, with digitalized images of what Teixeira might look like as he ran out of the dugout and onto the grass, the crowd at a froth, the New York skyline in the distance, the sound track blared "I Wanna Rock." Cashman pressed play.

"Hey, that's my song!" Cashman recalled Teixeira saying as he and I walked through the old stadium hallways. "I was like, yeah, we know that." And at that point, with Twisted Sister on blast, Leigh, Teixeira's college sweetheart who is now his wife, said, "I want you to be a Yankee."

I don't know how important the video actually was, but Teixeira did mention it today at the press conference. Either way, props to Cashman for doing his homework. Here Mark, this one's for you:


Mike B. said...

Proving yet again that at times it's "the little things" that help make a difference.


Greg Cohen said...


Kit Yona said...

by 'the little things' you mean 'more cash than anyone else had offered,' right?

Greg Cohen said...

No, I don't. There have been several reports, and Scott Boras said himself, that the Yankees did not offer the most money. It's been rumored that the Nationals actually offered more.

Anonymous said...

And you, like a moron, beleive Scott Boras?

Greg Cohen said...

It wasn't just Boras. It's been written is several papers, based on several different sources.

Look you can believe what you want. It doesn't matter to me.