Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Minor League Notes From Chad Jennings

Jennings spoke with Yankees vice president of baseball operations Mark Newman, and was able to get some information about how the Yanks feel about certain players in the organization. But, Jennings says, "ultimately our conversation centered on just how wide open everything is in the upper levels of the Yankees system."

Regarding Eric Fryer, the player the Yankees got in return for Chase Wright, Newman said he
will most likely open the season in Tampa, where the Yankees are set and then some with Jesus Montero and Austin Romine at catcher. With that in mind, Newman's take on Fryer's playing time was exactly what you would expect. “We’ll see how it goes, have to see how that whole thing shakes out," Newman said. "We think early in the season most of his at-bats will come at first base and the otufield.” Newman agreed that there's a solid chance Montero or Romine -- or both -- will play too well to stay in Tampa all season, so opportunities behind the plate could open by midseason. Or, Fryer could get hot and move up himself. Fryer's new, so we'll all have to "see how it goes."
Newman also had this to say about these pitchers:
Chris Garcia is expected to open in Double-A. This is contrary to Baseball America's Prospect Handbook which said Garcia would likely open in Tampa because of the weather.

Humberto Sanchez (right) "could well be" in the mix for the Triple-A rotation.

Alan Horne will "probably end up here at the complex for first part of the season.”

Newman said he couldn't completely rule out the bullpen for either Hacker or Kontos.

Expectation is that J.B. Cox will open in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre bullpen.
He also had some info on Colin Curtis, Edwar Gonzalez, and forgotten prospect, Eric Duncan. Check it out.