Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Kitty" Is Coming Back.. But Not To YES

This is a follow up on my "Bring Back 'Kitty'" post from Tuesday. Turns out Jim Kaat will be back in the booth this year, but it won't be for the YES Network. He mentioned in his most recent blog entry that he will be doing some games for the MLB Network. The first game he will be doing will be the Yankees home opener on April 16th against the Indians. He also said that the Yankees have asked him to be part of the on-field ceremonies prior to that game, which he said he's "honored" to be a part of.

He's also working on his new website,


Scotty B said...

I wonder if Yankee games will be blacked out on MLB network when they are on YES.

Greg Cohen said...

I hope not.

Margo said...

Oh they'll be blacked out. I'd trade Michael Kay for Jim Kaat any day of the week

Anonymous said...

I think it will be blacked out like in the new york area like the tbs games are.

Kay is the worst the yankees have very good baseball analyst but Kay ruins the broadcast because he doesn't shut up.

I rather have Bob Lorenze instead of Kay, Lorenze did a good job doing the spring training game against the reds.