Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aceves Has a Sore Shoulder

Here's some more bad news about Yankees pitchers and their shoulders from Peter Abraham:
Aceves said his shoulder has been bothering him for several days. “It’s fatigued,” he said.

Aceves will play catch tomorrow to try and gauge his readiness to return to the bullpen. He does not think he is injured, only worn down a little.

“I know what kind of pain lets you pitch and what kind of pain don’t let’s you pitch,” Aceves said. “This one will let me pitch.”
I hope Ace is right, because the Yankees cannot afford to lose Aceves, especially with Wang done for the year.

Abraham speculates that this news plus Wang's surgery might get Cashman to make a move. I happen to think it will. I always thought they should be looking to land a back of the rotation guy, and an extra reliever, this news just reinforces those feelings.


Anonymous said...

Marte gave up two homeruns tonight. I honestly dont want to see him back.

Yanks should trade for someone like a Scott Downs. Toronto are sellers he will be a great pickup and wont cost anything unreasonable. Aceves can be used as the future starter once Joba hits his innings limit.

Girardi said his arm was tired. Maybe he is going to a dead arm period. Just give him some days off I think he will be fine. Also I think Girardi should use Melancon in Aceves role for the time being and give him more of a shot. Melancon pitched very well tonight considering he had 18 days off.

Greg Cohen said...

As soon as I heard the Yanks were interested in Downs I've been hoping he was the guy they'd get.

Melancon was good tonight, the one bright spot. Maybe he can gain some trust and become a useful arm out of the pen too.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but so far this year Sabathia has not been anything special. His biggest quality seems to be gives innings. But he has one dominant start than an average to below average start. Right now Burnett is the real ace.

Its amazing me how a 23 year old Joba Chamberlain get grief from everybody about how he needs to put together consistent starts but the teams 161 million dollar ace has not done that. Cant wait to hear the yes broadcast tommorow and listen to Kay during the game and Flahrety in the postgame focus on Joba's velocity on every pitch.

Mike N. said...

This is really bad news. The bullpen has thrown a lot of innings this year.