Thursday, July 30, 2009

Patterson Joins the List of Outfielders the Yanks are Looking at

From Joel Sherman:
Corey Patterson was recently put on outright waivers by the Nationals and the Yankees are considering signing him to fill in as the backup center fielder until Brett Gardner recuperates from his hand injury, the Post has learned.

The third overall pick in the 1998 draft, Patterson never developed the plate discipline necessary to capitalize on his elite speed and power potential. He hit just .133 in five games earlier this season with the Nationals.... The Yanks would view him as a 25th man who could spell Melky Cabrera plus run or play defense late in a game.

In 84 games for Triple-A Syracuse, Patterson is hitting .274/.318/.422 with 7 HR, 40 RBI, 16 doubles, a triple, and 14 steals in 19 attempts. Like Josh Anderson this is a move that won't cost the Yanks much. In fact, this will only cost them money as Patterson is a free agent. Again, not an impact move, but it can't really hurt either.


Anonymous said...

Is this more smoke ...I hope. Why get other peole's garbage(Hi nick Swisher, Marte, Nady,Hirsh) When you have the alledged future in AAA. Why can't he come up and play? Bench Mr. 235 and put Melky in right.
How can such a clueless group be in 1st place? Is the competition that bad?

Dennis Tampa

Greg Cohen said...

Dennis, they're having a great year on the field. Off the field they've made some questionable moves. However, none of them have really hurt the team.

I agree, though, I think they should call up Jackson for the two or three weeks.

daneptizl said...

I definitely don't think you call up Jackson. He's been in a slump recently.

Greg Cohen said...

Francisco Cervelli was hitting .190 in AA and did fine. I don't think slumps matter in these situations.

daneptizl said...

Right, because one player did it, it's the norm... it's not too hard to hit better than .190 .... even in the majors.