Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yanks Eyeing Josh Anderson?

From Danny Knobler:
The Yankees have also shown some interest in Josh Anderson, the speedy outfielder who was designated for assignment by the Tigers last week. The teams don't appear to be close to a trade, however.
Steve Kornacki tells us that even Jim Leyland confirmed the Yanks' interest:
Detroit Tigers manage Jim Leyland confirmed today that the New York Yankees have interest in outfielder Josh Anderson, whom Detroit has 10 days since Friday to assign to another team via trade or have clear waivers before possibly sending him out-right to Triple-A Toledo.

"It's a possibility," Leyland said. "They are interested. I think one other club is interested."


Anderson can play any outfield position, is good defensively and provides speed.
In 74 games with the Tigers the 26-year-old is hitting .242/.282/.315 with no homers, 22 RBI, 4 doubles, 4 triples, and 13 steals in 15 attempts. However, in his career he's a .283/.327/.372 hitter.

It's probably another one of those deals that might not make much impact, but at the same time wouldn't cost too much.


Anonymous said...

He is a good guy to have on the team as a backup until Brett Gardner comes back.

Greg Cohen said...

I agree. I'm not against a deal like this, I just don't think there will be much impact, if any.

MP said...

Rather see us pick up a guy who can at least not be an automatic out and can run/play fundamental baseball in a trade for not a whole lot than see us shell out a real prospect for someone who's not going to play much.

No need to make a "Nady-type-deal" for the time Gardner's out. The Melkman will do the job just fine.