Monday, October 19, 2009

Girardi: "It's just different kind of stuff against those hitters" .... Ummmm What?

When asked why he went with Alfredo Aceves instead of keeping David Robertson in the game Joe Girardi said:
“It’s just different stuff against those hitters,” Girardi said, without offering specifics. “We have all the matchups and all the scouting reports, and we felt that it was a better matchup for us.”
I'd burn those scouting reports as quickly as possible if I was Girardi. According to Tyler Kepner, when pressed for specifics "Girardi did not say why, and neither did [Dave] Eiland."

Eiland had this to say, via Chad Jennings:

“I’m not going to get into specifics of why,” Eiland said. “We just liked the matchup better, and Ace had (Howie Kendrick) where he wanted to, he just couldn’t make the pitch to put him away. And still, it was a five-hopper up the middle or a 10-hopper up the middle, but he just wasn’t able to make that one pitch to put him away.”

Great answers guys, just great.

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