Friday, October 16, 2009

Hughes Thinks ALDS Problems Are Fixed

As you know, Phil Hughes struggled during the ALDS. In three games Hughes had a 9.00 ERA in 2 innings of work. Allowing 2 earned runs on 5 hits, walked 1, and struck out 3. According to Dave Eiland, via Chad Jennings, the problem was mechanical, has been fixed, and Hughes feels those problems are behind him. Here's more from Jennings:
He was getting a little quick, jumping toward the plate, and that was affecting his command," pitching coach Dave Eiland said. "It's just a minor adjustment, and he knows. We did some work the last couple of days and we feel like it's corrected. It's a simple adjustment, but it's something small that will make a big difference."

The untimely struggles were not related to the enormity of the moment.

"I don't think so," Hughes said. "I've gone through situations this year when it's been big moments and my mechanics have been right, so it's no issue."

And here's another quote from Eiland:
"There's no concern," Eiland said. "It happens to everybody. He's been geared up. He's coming out of the pen, he's young and he's geared up for it, but he's able to take a step back and regain control of his body and make the adjustments that he needs to make."
Phil Hughes will end up being very important in this series. He's the last section of that bridge to Mariano Rivera, and without an effective Hughes I don't know if the Yanks can move on to the World Series.

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