Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Night Open Thread: Jeter To Host SNL

(Jeter in a past appearance on SNL)

- According to this tweet from Entertainment2U, Derek Jeter will be hosting Saturday Nigth Live on December 12th. The musical guests will be Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Mr. Hudson. The show is terrible, but this might be reason enough to tune in. (hat-tip to Baseball Think Factory)

- Tyler Kepner takes an interesting look at the Manager of the Year results.

- Mike Scioscia used his day in the sun to complain about the postseason schedule again. He told AOL Fanhouse that he's "very hopeful and confident that they're going to tighten up that schedule a little bit. I think there's things that the commissioner is going to take to heart and look at."

He also said that he thinks "it goes against what the 162 games [of the regular season] stands for," Scioscia said.
Scioscia's biggest complaint was with the off days before the opening of the Division Series. Three of the four Division Series start on the Wednesday after the final Sunday of the regular season, with the fourth opening on Thursday.

That gives all teams a chance to set up their rotation, not just the ones that clinched early.

"I think that's absolutely the first step, yes," Scioscia said.
The postseason schedule was terrible, so I can't really blame Scioscia for this one.

- Boston let 26-year-old backup catcher George Kottaras go today, he was quickly picked up by the Milwaukee Brewers.

This photo above is just a random photo of Phil Rizzuto laughing at a fan who ran onto the field. It's completely irrelevant, but I thought it was a funny picture.

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