Thursday, June 10, 2010

Olney: No Talks Yet Between Yanks and Mariners About Lee

For those wondering about the rumors regarding a potential Leeto the Yankees deal, Buster Olney tweeted today that "The Mariners and Yankees have had zero conversations about Cliff Lee." He says "The reason why is that they are philosophically opposed, in general, to the idea of absorbing the double-barrelled cost of trading prospects for a guy who is about to become a free agent, and then paying that player top-of-the-market price for an extension."

He also reminds us that "the Yankees have basically passed on trade talks for three Cy Young caliber pitchers in the last three years"

This doesn't surprise me at all. Like I said the other day, I don't think the Yankees believe there's a need for Lee right now, so unless they suffer a major injury I wouldn't expect the Yankees to be so quick to hand over Jesus Montero or Austin Romine for a pitcher they probably don't need. But Lee fans don't worry, next season, when Pettitte and Vazquez are gone, they'll need him and they'll sign him.

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