Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hank Talks About The Playoffs

From Matt Ehalt (hat-tip to Was Watching):
Speaking Thursday at Yankee Stadium, the part-owner of the Yankees said he believes the Yankees will be defending their World Series championship come October.

"I think were doing great considering Andy's (Pettitte) out and a couple of other problems," Steinbrenner said. "Obviously, were in the toughest division by far in baseball. So its going to be a struggle down to the wire. We'd like to win the division, but I think we can be rest assured were going to get the playoffs, then its a matter of what we do from there."


In addition to his playoff prediction, Steinbrenner reassured fans that the Yankees will continue to operate as they always have in the future and talked about the loss of his father, the late George Steinbrenner, before the First Annual Boss Cup at Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon.


"It's not difficult for all of us getting back in the business of baseball because again we still just want to win every year if we can, no different than he did," Steinbrenner said. "Business is usual, as far as that goes."
He also spoke about how great the support has been from Yankees fans regarding his father's death.
“Obviously the fans have been great,” Steinbrenner told the Daily News. “We got a lot of letters, condolence cards, sympathy cards from fans, probably more than anyone else.”
Hank did a lot to make himself look like an ass when he originally stormed onto the scene back in 2007, but since taking a step back he seems to have learned how to deal with the media. However, I don't think his father would ever have been satisfied with the Wild Card.

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