Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sliding Into Home Sits Down With Bernie Williams

During a very nice event held by SoBe Life Water in Madison Sq. Park, Sliding Into Home Media got to finally sink it’s teeth into an interview with the great Bernie Williams. The event featured actresses Hillary Duff and Jessica Szohr along with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie of the Year model, Kate Upton.

Our interview time was short, but I got a chance to really get to know Bernie afterward. Bernie mentioned that he had run into rookie sensation Bryce Harper in Vegas. He commented on how big the kid was at age 18 but also had some interesting opinions on bringing him up to the majors so quickly. Bernie is a strong believer that a minor leaguer foundation not only builds and develops baseball skills but also prepares you for life. On several occasions Bernie referred to the level of character one builds by going through the minor league system as opposed to being brought to the big leagues at a very young age.

Look ma, matching shirts!
Bernie and I made more small talk and he said that roger Clemens was by far the toughest pitcher he ever faced. He and his teammates were thrilled when Clemens became a Yankee simply for the fact that they no longer had to face him.

When I told Bernie that he was Carlos Beltran's idol, he modestly said he appreciated that and considered Beltran a good friend. He also said that Beltran had consulted with him about joining the Yankees in 2005 and when Bernie gave no signs of retiring, Beltran later chose the Mets. The two of them also shared the same agent (Scott Boras).

Bernie was a great guy and we’d like to thank him and the wonderful people at SoBe for inviting us to their successful event.

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