Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You're the Yankees GM.....Your Move.

I like to blog because I enjoy telling everyone out there how I feel about various topics. Us bloggers don't have filters & whatever we feel like saying, we're going to publish it whether people are going to agree with that opinion or not.  I do enjoy that because when I write, my objective is not to please people.  I write to tell the world how I feel.  But something else that I enjoy is being able to interact with others & having a rational, adult conversation on the topic at hand.

I get to publish my opinion on everything New York Yankees-related on here & I love it.  We all have opinions on what they should do from their starters, to the front office, to their minor league system.  I have a ton of thoughts on what I'd like to see done but it's not about my opinion this time.

Faithful readers of Sliding Into Home, what would you do if you were the General Manager of the 2012 New York Yankees?  Feel free to lay out a long-term plan by putting an emphasis on development or a short-term plan to go all in to win the World Series as soon as possible.  That's the beauty of posting on the internet, your voice will always be heard...so let's hear it.

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