Sunday, August 5, 2012

These Yankees Are Not Very Clutch

Recently, many fans and writers have expressed concerns over this team, whether it's about their upcoming rough schedule, lack of a truly reliable starting staff, or a bullpen that has already seen its best days of 2012.

All valid concerns for any honest Yankees fan. But to me, the issues get really scary when you combined those things with this team's inability to hit in clutch situations. As you will soon see, the bigger the spot, the worse this team gets.

Going into play on Sunday here are the Yankees averages and rankings in various clutch stats:
  • Runners on: .262 (9th AL/15th MLB)
  • RISP: .247 (10th AL/17th MLB)
  • RISP w/ 2 outs: .220 (9th AL/20th MLB)
  • Bases Loaded: .218 (12th AL/25th MLB)
  • Fangraphs clutch stat: -0.77 (10th AL/18th MLB)
(But of course, with nobody on the Yankees are doing just fine, hitting .268, good for 3rd in the AL and 4th in the majors.)

And some individual stats:

If you were wondering why this team is so horrible in one-run games this may be the main reason. You could probably throw some blame on Joe Girardi and his managing but if this team could push across some of those additional runs they leave on base at such a frequent pace you'd assume they'd be better than 13 and 15. And ff the Yankees are going to hold on to this division lead, and then do anything once the playoffs roll around, this is one area that needs to improve.

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