Friday, August 10, 2012

Yankees Still Unsure of Pettitte's Return Date

From George King:
With Ivan Nova getting spanked the past two outings and Freddy Garcia failing to provide consistent length, the Yankees’ rotation requires a boost.

That is expected to be supplied by Andy Pettitte, but general manager Brian Cashman can’t predict an exact date when the 40-year-old lefty will come off the disabled list.


“We have to let the healing process take its course,’’ said Cashman, who expects to see Pettitte pitching next month in the big leagues. “He had that setback which cost him a week to 10 days, but he is in the middle of the healing process.’’


“Obviously, it’s healing up but it hasn’t healed up as much as [Dr. Chris Ahmad] thought,’’ Pettitte said referring to the Yankees’ physician.


Pitching coach Larry Rothschild doesn’t know when Pettitte will be able to throw off a mound and is waiting to find out how much the time off will affect Pettitte.

“We have tried to keep his arm in shape, but I won’t know until he gets through it, how it will impact him until he faces hitters,’’ Rothschild said yesterday. “It’s hard to tell but as long as the bone is healed he should be OK.’’
Cashman doesn't sound too concerned, but he rarely ever does so I wouldn't read too much into that.

At this point all we can do is cross our fingers and hope he can come back when they expect him too.

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