Friday, August 15, 2014

Going To A Game This Weekend? Here's Where You Can Find Cheap Yankee Stadium Parking

The New York Yankees will be on the road this weekend to play a three game series against division rival Tampa Bay Rays in Tropicana Field. New York returns to Yankee Stadium following the series with Tampa to start a three game set with the Houston Astros that begins on August 18. The Yankees are currently just three games over .500 in what has been an up and down year. New York is now right games back in the division and have lost four straight games as the season winds down, time is running out in New York.

As for the Yankees upcoming series with the Astros, parking will be available to guests for all three games for prices starting at just $8 in the opening game on August 19 with over 11 different locations to choose from ranging from all different prices such as the Guzman Parking Spot located on 65 West 164th street available for booking at a price of $27.50 and at a reasonable distance from the Stadium at just 0.14 miles away. MPG Parking located on the 171 E. 165th street could also be a viable parking option at an available booking price of just $20 and only 0.26 miles away from Yankee Stadium.

The most expensive lot from Yankee Stadium is available to book at price of $35, the select garages lot is located on 70 E. 162nd st which is practically right next to the venue at only a 0.01 miles away from stadium. However, there is also the cheapest option for guests who don’t want to spend much money just to park with the MPG Parking located on 302 W. 144th street and cost only $8 to book but it is almost a mile distance from the stadium about 0.89 miles away.

NYC parking prices remain the same for game two, but will be as low as $7 for the series finale between the Yankees and Astros scheduled for August 21 with 12 different locations to park.

However, Yankees fans have to keep an eye out for a re-occurring parking problem by the facility as some fans were charged twice to park their cars as most of the blame was put on the balky ticket machines that are not returning validation tickets to paying fans which is needed proof for the parking attendants at the lots to allow you to leave the parking garages as providing receipts that you paid won’t get fans off the hook from double paying.

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