Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Stadium Construction Updates (Page 2)

***I had to add a second page of New Stadium updates. The first one was taking too long to load. They are split up between years. The first page is the 2007-2008 pictures, and this one is just for the 2009 pictures.***

(Updated 4/16)

(Updated 3/31)
(Updated 3/29)

(Updated 3/26)
Trainer's Room
Weight Room
Indoor Batting CageClubhouse BathroomPlayer's LoungeCenter Field Food CourtThurman's Locker in the Museum
View From The Press Box
Gate 8: Bleachers Entrance
(Updated 3/23)
(Updated 3/21)
(Updated 3/19)
(Updated 3/18)
(Updated 3/16)

(Updated 3/15)

(Update 3/14)
(Updated 3/13)
(Updated 3/12)

(Updated 3/1)

(Updated 2/28)
(Updated 2/24)
(Updated 2/22)
(Updated 2/20)
(Updated 2/18)
(Updated 2/17)
(Updated 2/15)(Updated 2/13)
(Updated 2/8)
(Updated 2/6)
(Updated 1/30)
(Updated 1/29)
(Updated 1/28)
(Updated 1/27)(Updated 1/23)
(Updated 1/20)
(Yankees Dugout)

(Yankees Bullpen)

(View From Seats In Center)

(View From Restaurant In Center)

(Monument Park)

(The Great Hall)

(The Mick)

(Jeter's Locker)

(A-Rod's Locker)

(Posada's Locker)

(Visitor's Lockers)

(Trainer's Room)


(Indoor Batting Cage)

(I'm not sure where this is, but it has Joe D's "I would like to thank
the good lord for making me a Yankee" quote under the logo.)

(Carpet In Joe Girardi's Office)

(Carpet In Conference Room)

(The Boss's Suite)

(Food Court)

(Club Behind Home Plate)

(Video Control Room)

(Radio Booth)

(Press Box)
(Updated 1/15)
(Updated 1/13)
(Updated 1/10)
(Updated 1/9)
(Updated 1/8)
(Updated 1/7)For older pictures go here.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the old stadium, in the new one, will the bleachers be accessible with the rest of the stadium?

Greg Cohen said...

I've heard that they will.

Anonymous said...

I love the new stadium but i feel for the person that has to sit in the center field bleachers next to the bar, you cant see left or right field from that angle depending on which side youre sitting on...did this not dawn on anyone before???

Greg Cohen said...

It bothers me to no end that they have those seats like that. Hopefully they'll fix some of these problems in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Sure it dawned on them, but they didn't care. That sports bar is going to make them much more money than those 1000 seats blocked by it. Sad fact...

Anonymous said...

are there going to be seat backs in the outfield? have they just not gotten to that yet? it would suck not have seat backs for the people sitting there.

Greg Cohen said...


I'm not sure about the seat backs in the outfield.

JCBauer24 said...

Which seats are you referring to? The bleacher seats? I don't see any other seats without backs.

Greg Cohen said...

Yes, I believe the commenter was referring to the bleachers.

By the way, 24 is awesome.

JCBauer24 said...

Ah, OK. I doubt the bleachers will have backs, but I obviously don't know for sure. And yes, 24 is sweet! lol

By the way, this site totally rocks. I've been following along on this site for almost two years now, but for some reason haven't posted on here until today.

Awesome, awesome job!

Greg Cohen said...


I really appreciate that.

JCBauer24 said...

One thing I just realized is that Monument Park could really be peppered by HR balls now. It was kinda rare in the past for HRs to land in Monument Park, but now it's right over the centerfield wall. I wonder if the monuments will have any type of protection during games?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what type of protection a solid chunk of granite with a bronze plaque needs from a baseball. The people looking at the monuments during the game is another question.

JCBauer24 said...

Well, there are more than just the huge monuments out there. There are the other little plaques with the player descriptions and also the retired numbers.

I guess we'll find out what they'll do in a couple weeks!

rpb said...

In addition the the 3 flag poles in left center behind the bleachers, I also noticed the poles for protective netting(looks much like what they did along the foul lines). I'm thinking the plan right now is to remove the poles and netting for game time, as they do down the foul lines. With the poles in center, it appears that they will have some kind of netting up during batting practice to protect the fans and all the items in monument park.
As I mentioned some time ago, since it will be easier to hit one into this area now then in the past, it is possible that hard hit balls could cause some damage. Also, because of the location and the chance of being hit with a ball, I doubt if monument park will be open during the game, which is a real disapointment for fans who visit from other cities or for fans who may only get to one or two games a year. There is simply not enough time for all who want to visit, to get in before the game.

So don't be surprised that in the future, some type of netting will be in place during the game. This will be done only to protect the monuments , not to allow fans access during the game.

Just more examples the poor planning that went into this design.

JCBauer24 said...

I notice the netting along the foul lines, too. Lookes like what they put up to protect the fans during batting practice. And you could be onto something with the idea of netting protecting the monuments and plaques.

I don't think anything was poorly designed other than the sports bar, which will block somes views from the bleachers. The sports bar should be farther back or something, but they really don't have much more room to push the design back. The stadium is already right up alongside the street, so I guess that wasn't an option. I never expected Monument Park to be open during the games. It wasn't open during the games in the old stadium, so I don't see why it would be now.

One other stupid thing I've noticed. The railings along the dugouts only have two openings for the players to enter and exit -- one on each side. The old stadium had another opening in the middle, which I think made more sense, but whatever... Just something odd I noticed. The dugouts look pretty awesome, though. I like how there are little benches in the front right behind the railings.

rpb said...

There are more obstructed view seats than just those next to the centerfield restaurant. Sections 104 and 135 (rear of each section) are blocked by the raised bleacher seating among other problems.
As for visiting monument park during games, it would have been a nice feature for the new stadium. I thought one of the reasons for the new stadium was to make it more enjoyable for the fans. It would ahve been nice to walk out there at any time during the game to view the history. Many times I had out of town fans sit next to me and they wished they knew to get to the stadium early to visit monument park.

JCBauer24 said...

OK, here's my idea.... After this season, they totally ditch the back portions of the bleacher sections that have obstructed views and turn those two areas on each side of the sports bar into picnic sections. I think that makes sense considering there's the food court right there. This would look cool and make the stadium even more fan-friendly.

They should pay me the big bucks for these ideas. ;)

yyzmoose said...

Has anyone purchased tickets yet? I'm totally psyched that I got them for 2 games, in May and June. This was that special sale they had on Monday -they sent me a password to order these. The seats are real high up, 300 level, but only $29.00. I haven't been to a game since 2005, but I HAD to experience the new park, even if from the nosebleed section. of course I'll get there early to check out as much of the place as possible.

Greg Cohen said...


Good idea, and it's probably something they will do. Or at least something similar to that.


I got a few tickets. Mostly bleacher seats, some upper deck. Opening day, a Red Sox game, two Tampa games, and a couple others. I can't wait for the season to start.

BG in NO said...

I too have thoroughly enjoyed you site. Living in New Orleans and being an avid Yanks fan, your site has been like a weekly visit to the new ballpark. I envy your access to the park and applaud your terrific photos. Thanks a million and go Yankees!!

Greg Cohen said...

Hey BG in NO,

Very happy to hear how much you like the site. Also, I can't take too much credit for the pics. Most of them come from various sites around the internet. All I did was put them together in one place.

Hopefully you continue to enjoy the site once the stadium is complete - it basically already is.

Take it easy


JCBauer24 said...

I bought tickets for the first exhibition game against the Cubs and tickets to a game in late September (I always like to go during the last week of the season). Then I'm splitting a small ticket-plan with a friend of mine. So I've got some games lined up. I haven't secured the OFFICIAL opener yet, but I'm working on it.

Those 300-level seats are the best, I think, in terms of price and visibility combined. Those seats aren't priced way too high, yet you're not too far up and can see the entire field. I think I'm really going to enjoy those seats.

Anonymous said...

i got tickets to opening day and i was so happy cause iv never been to opening day before and this a great one to start at.but my seats are in the bleachers and i want to go earlier to see the stadium so i was wondering if im in the bleachers can i go to all the other parts of the ballparks.... message back please if u know the answer

Greg Cohen said...

You're gonna have a great time anon, opening days are great.

You might be able to, but I'm not sure if you can walk around the whole ballpark from the bleachers.

JCBauer24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JCBauer24 said...

I'm pretty sure I read that the bleacher crowd will have access to the rest of the stadium. Hmm. And if that's true, I guess they'll also be able to purchase beer now.

And is it me, or does this new stadium have TONS more advertisements? Seems like everywhere you look there's an ad or a spot for an ad to go.

Lookin' great, though! One week 'til they open the place!

Anonymous said...

i have another question do u thnk its better to go to the first official game ever a the stadium or do u thnk going to the exhibition game would be better and on opening day my seats are in 238 sec of the bleachers are they going to be obstructed by the bar

Greg Cohen said...

You should be fine in 238. My understanding is that 201 and 239 are the only obstructed bleacher sections.

Personally, I'd rather go to opening day on the 16th, but there is a historic element to going to the first game ever there. It's really about your personal preference.

rpb said...

There are so many first tickets out there: first workout date 4/2 -first game against the Cubs 4/3 - first real game against the Indians 4/16

I'm going to each so I know that I went to the first. But the Yankees are laughing all the way to the bank by selling so many firsts.

Anonymous said...

i want to say thanks for posting all these pics.Also i appreciate that you have spent your time to post great pics for all fans to see.thanks alot

Greg Cohen said...

You're welcome. I'm just glad you guys like the pics.

Anonymous said...

r u going to update any pics tonight

Greg Cohen said...

Possibly. There may also be some pictures of Citi Field from yesterday in the next day or so if anyone cares.

Anonymous said...

alright thanks and i thnk the stadium is nice and all but i thnk that all average middle class fans shouldnt buy tickets until they lower the prices because when i went on there seating charting its going to cost 75$ for a seat on the first upper deck section and thats just insane...this ballpark is ruining the experiance for me and my son who loves the yankees but is getting sick of these prices and how they built a stadium for the rich.

Anonymous said...

r u done updating this site

Greg Cohen said...

No, there will probably be one more update, maybe two. They still need to put the flags up around the frieze. I'll probably post some pictures from opening day.

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to see it come down, but are you going to post photos of the old place coming down? I think it would be interesting to see anyway.

Greg Cohen said...

Yes, Anonymous, I will be doing that. There will actually be an update later today. Probably after today's game.