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New Yankee Stadium Construction Updates

****I had to add a second page of New Stadium updates. This one was taking too long to load. They are split up between years. This page has pics from 2007-2008, and the new one is just for the 2009 pictures.****

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(Updated 12/30)
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(Updated 12/16)(Updated 12/13)(Updated 12/5)
New monument park and the centerfield restaurant
I believe this is the visitor's bullpen(Updated 11/29)
(Updated 11/26)
These two overhead shots were taken by
WCBS 880's Tom Kaminski from Chopper 880.

(Updated 11/24)(Updated 11/18)
(Updated 11/14)
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(Updated 9/24)
Yankees Dugout
Upper Deck Concourse
Steam Room
Bathroom Sinks
Yanks Locker Room
Batting Cages
Ramp for fansNew Yankees Store
Great Hall
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(the view from one of the many party suites)

(Yankees dugout)

(visitor's dugout)

(view from the visitor's dugout)

(the future Monument Park)

(the SwimEx wavepool)

(hot tub and wavepool)



(one of the locker room bathrooms)

(Yankees clubhouse)

(visitor's clubhouse)
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(Updated 4/5)
This is from the calendar give-away at the stadium today.

(Updated 4/4)
(the photos above were sent to me by Chris Neville)
(Updated 4/3)
(These above were taken by Gary Dunaier)

(Updated 3/31)
(Baseball-Fever member spm1976)
(From Flickr member TheGoodDoc)(from Flickr member Adelaide_35)(I took these on the way to the train after the rain out)(this was emailed to me by Chris Cicero - it shows a huge
Jeter banner hanging on the inside of the new stadium)

(Updated 3/30)
(Next four from Dan Snow)
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(Jeffrey Putman)
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This great overhead shot was emailed to me by one of this blogs readers.
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(I did not take these photos, I found them on various websites, blogs, message boards, etc., some were also emailed to me. So if I didn't give you credit for your photos I apologize, but please just email me and I'll give credit where credit is due.)

I have mixed feelings about the new Stadium, but it really is starting to look great. I'm sure when it's finished the outside will be beautiful, but it's the inside, and that stupid restaurant in center field, that I'm worried about.

The restaurant reminds me of a cross between Rogers Centre, and US Cellular. In fact, a lot of the interior reminds me of US Cellular.

One of the things that make Yankee Stadium, YANKEE STADIUM, is how close the upper deck is to the field. Players say it feels like the fans are right on top of you. This part of the Yankees home field advantage will be lost forever in the new Stadium. The upper deck will be pushed back in the new place for better sight lines...great. Here is a profile comparison of the current and future Yankee Stadiums:

I hope I'm wrong and they build the greatest stadium in the world, because that's what it's going to be replacing.


Andrew Fletcher said...

I had mixed feelings about the new Stadium until I visited Citizens Bank Park in May. That stadium is beautiful and it really showed me what Yankee fans are missing out on.

When the current Stadium closes, it will be very emotional. However, I think it is for the better. I just hope they don't screw it up.

Anonymous said...

The arial shot..did that come from Goose on the YES message board? He posted it and said he took it from a helicopter LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Great pics. I actually interviewed someone working at the construction site and they took me beyond the fencing. The stadium really looks amazing and I'm pretty excited about it. The loss of the old stadium is upsetting, yet the new stadium really looks like it will be the greatest stadium in the entire world (which is what my interviewee rearticulated to me).

Greg Cohen said...

charihar that's awesome that you got to see inside the new Stadium. Did you get any pictures? And if you don't mind me asking how did you get an interview?


Anonymous said...

I also have mixed feelings about the new stadium. As a season ticket holder in the upper tier row "B", I will not miss the people walking in front of me looking for their seat. However, I reralize that my seat will now be about 50 ft further back.
Through my work, I've spent the last 33 years traveling all over the counrty and have been to most of the stadiums/ballparks (new and old). This year alone - Denver, Seattle, Texas, Baltimore, Arizonia, and Phila. The new ballparks are great to watch a game.

My fondest memories of baseball and the original Yankee Stadium are from the early 60s, especially the 1961 season. Growing up in the Bronx I went to the Stadium many times as a kid. Later, in the early 70's before the re-design in 76 as a student at Lehman College I would sit in the upper deck behind home plate for day games during long breaks between classes.

I just hope that the new Yankee Stadium brings back the great features of the original with all the comforts of the great new ballparks. The first step was to incorporate the original 1923 look of the exterior and bring back the frieze along the stadium roof. From the recent computer drawings, I also noticed the auxiliary scoreboards in left and right field. These features are great, but the Yankee's powers to be shouldn't stop there. They have the chance to pay homage to the great teams of the past and capture the feel of the original stadium inside the new stadium. The original stadium we baby boomers remember can now be enjoyed by this new generation of Yankee fans. I will try to explain in words what I can picture in my minds eye.

Monument Park should be the showcase/focal point of the outfield area!!!
In the original stadium, along with the green grass (which stood out because baseball was in black and white on TV), you always saw the monuments (they were on the field). The monuments reminded everyone that there was a history and tradition in that stadium. Every artist rendering of the new stadium hides Monument Park behind the wall in center field. The monuments will not be visible from the field or a majority of seats in the stadium. Parents will not talk with their kids about the great Yankee history and tradition because “out of sight, out of mind”. In Phila, Baltimore, Texas, & Detroit they hide their history behind walls that you have to search out to see. Monument Park should be located in the back half of the first two bleacher sections in left center next to the restaurant. This will also allow for visitors throughout the game. Monumnet Park would be on two levels with the entrance under the left field bleachers on the retired number level and exit again under the same left field bleachers past the monuments, flagpole, and plagues (this will keep a straight line going in one direction as opposed to the system now, as well as handicap accessible ). The Monument Park area would be much like a double tier bullpen you see in many of the new ballparks. With Monument Park raised above the left center field fence (flowers, but no trees or solid fences to hide the history), above and behind about ten or so rows of bleacher seats located between the visitors bullpen and the retired numbers, this historic area will now be the focal point of the outfield area. Monument Park is too important to hide or restrict visitors. This location will now allow visitors throughout the game.

1961 Scoreboard with the Top Hat Symbol in Right Center!!! - The recent computer drawings of the new Stadium depict a rather routine scoreboard with some ads and a very large TV screen in center field. To help capture the era of the early 1960s and create a skyline in right center, The Yankees should incorporate a 2009 technology screen into a 1961 replica scoreboard complete with the Yankee Top Hat Logo. The scoreboard would be higher than the one depicted in the recent drawings (as high as the large TV) and the Top Hat logo in the center above the scoreboard would be no higher than the 3rd tier roof line. All out of town scores could be to the center/right side (AL/NL); the scoreboard and lineups on the left of the logo; the “at bat” numbers on the top left side above the scoreboard and the “mph, # Ps, and # Ks” on the top right above the out of town scores. The new 2009 technology screen will allow the scoreboard to do the many other things that the present loge level scoreboards display today (advertisements, photos, and fan messages). The bottom of the scoreboard would allow for advertisement space. Again, it will bring back memories of the 60’s; allow the younger generation of fans to get a sense of the Stadium baby boomers knew as kids; and the Yankee Top Hat logo scoreboard will frame all the action hit to right and right center. Like Monument Park in left center, the Yankee Top Hat scoreboard will be recognizable to all out of town markets. Keep the large TV screen in center above the restaurant.

Left/Left Center Field Skyline - to make up for the lost revenue/seats to Monument Park:
1. Since all the scoreboard information is now in right center, where the present drawings show additional scoreboard in left center incorporate another Restaurant/Banquet Room/Party Suite(s) located just to the left of the center field TV screen. Windows would look out at over the field. The architecture would be in keeping with the 1923 building.
2. A bridge from the 3rd Tier to a roof top standing and seating area (AKA Wrigley Field) with a replica of the water tower that stood over the 161 St. Station (with advertisement) so prominent in any early 1960 photo of the Stadium. This Roof Top seating area would sit atop of the Restaurant/Banquet Room/Party Suite(s) described above and/or the advertisements in left and can be separate seating price (i.e., between tier box and reserve) with single game seats or rented by corporations.
3.To the left of the glass view, more advertisements (multiple signs; ad over ad; with a clock that resemble the clock that sat atop the 1950s scoreboard).

Outfield wall - The outfield wall should be black (except for ads) from auxiliary scoreboard to scoreboard with a gradual increase in height from lowest (left/right field) to highest point in dead center. The wall would have a curved look from each bullpen to dead center again bringing back memories of the outfield wall of the original stadium.

Additional Revenue Area!! Create a concourse area over the parking area in left/left center accessible year round to the community. Retail shops, concessions stands, and caf├ęs built in the 1923 stadium architecture with access from the street as well as the Stadium. A marketing and merchandizing area with Yankee outlets, a Yankee Museum (hall of fame type displays, like Texas), national and local retail outlets that residents from the community can utilize year round as well as Yankee fans before and after the game. This Yankee Village area would be much like Disney’s Main Street USA or the Forum Shops at Cesar’s Palace with the Yankees controlling the environment and earning revenue through merchandise, rents and other fees/charges. The Tour of the Stadium could start from this area and the entrance to the Stadium from this area could incorporate a replica of the old ticket booths

The thought is to create a village/skyline around and behind the outfield wall (especially left and left center) and a gathering place for fans before and after the game. This year round retail area will be utilized by the community, provide jobs, earn revenue for the Yankees, and provides great views for all fans in the stadium (especially those of us in the upper deck) and additional advertisement space (signs/billboards). This Grand Concourse will be a gathering area that provides residents and fans alike with unique dining and shopping experiences. This Yankee Village could be similar to the concourse area in left centerfield in Atlanta, but with additional retail shops (including local merchants) and access year round for the community to enjoy. Don’t forget the Bat! Incorporate this feature from the ‘76 design into the new concourse area.
Sight Lines! It appears that the restaurant in center will create obstructed sight lines for seats directly next to the restaurant in both left and right center field. With the movement of Monument Park to the area in left center next to the restaurant, that problem can be avoided in left center. However, it appears that seats next to the restaurant in right center will not have a view of the complete field (they can see the action in front but not toward center and/or left. This happened in lower right field seats in Anaheim when they built the right center bleachers higher than the original right field stands. You can’t see the action in center and left field. Great care will be necessary in placing these seats next to the restaurant.

Think Green! The water tower could capture rain water for many uses within the Stadium. Other Green technologies should be incorporated into the design.

I remember when the Stadium reopened in 1976. I was home on leave from the Army and went to the first night game against Kansas City. I also remember stories in the papers about how the scoreboard in center couldn't be used because it interfered with the batter's eye and other problems because the architects and others involved in the 1976 designed failed to see the stadium as the players and the fans do. Especially the disapointment that it did not capture the feel of the original stadium.

The new stadiums/ballparks I've visited are like the new Vegas casinos, you don't have to leave the building to get all your entertainment/dinning/shopping experiences.
If they are going to tear down the 1976 redesign then they need to replace it with somthing that gives you the feel ogf the original. The new Stadium needs to look and feel more like the original (1923 outside) and the early 1960s inside.

Greg Cohen said...

Great post, so many great ideas you should be working on the Stadium. The sad thing is a lot of the things you mentioned probably won't be implemented, even though they should be.

The most important thing, like you said, is creating a look and feel of the old stadium. From the outside it looks like they will accomplish that, the inside is another story.

Anonymous said...

I will certainly miss the old stadium but I will not miss not being able to see the right field wall from my upper deck season tickets. Plus I look forward to better food selection. Eating hot dogs and chicken fingers at 60+ games a season is going to be the end of me.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures...I was wondering if you took them...I have a few of them on my blog and would hate to not give you credit...

Greg Cohen said...

No I did not take them, nor do I know who did. Some of them were found posted on message boards, and others I found on Google. Glad you like em.

Also if anybody is having any problems with this page, or if it takes too long to load, PLEASE let met know e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the upper deck construction being a potential problem with new stadium. The "profile comparison" you posted above depicts it nicely.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to a game at Shea and sit in the upper deck. You're a million miles from the field even if you're in the front row!

Greg Cohen said...


You're right, I've sat in the upper deck at Shea a few times, and yes, you're light years away from the field. I really hope the upper deck doesn't turn out as bad as a lot of people think it will.

Anonymous said...

RPB --

You said you travel a lot on business; are you an architect or design engineer? If not, maybe you should give it some thought. Great post, great ideas. Unfortunately, we'll probably never see any of it in production. Too bad you didn't send these ideas to George and Hank as soon as they released the initial designs.

AJW said...

Looks like someone took my three picures I took on 12/28. The other pictures I like as well. I feel the same way as a lot of you. Very sad since the current Stadium my father saw the first game in 1923 when it opened. Then he took me to my first game in 1976 when they opened the newly rentivated Stadium. I remember like it was yesterday. We lost to Rangers 6-2 and Catfish got the loss.

Greg Cohen said...


I'm sorry, I found most of these pics on other message boards, and some were e-mailed to me.

Are the pictures you took the ones I posted on 12/29? Do you want me to remove them? Nice shots btw.


AJW said...

No Greg keep them up. I don't mind. Have you heard when single game tickets go on sale? Last year it was in December.


AJW (Ant)

Greg Cohen said...

From what I've heard single game tickets won't go on sale till Feb. 29th which is very late. Last year they went on sale on Jan. 31st.

Anonymous said...

Schultz -
No, I'm not a design engineer or architect. I'm an HR Analyst. I was in the Army Corp of Engineers when I was in the Service and did take some engineering and construction courses. My older brother has been in construction his whole career and some of his insights have rubbed off.

I did send a letter to Yankee President Randy Levine when the computer drawings were published and included in last year's season ticket package. The letter included most of what I said above. I even included a rough sketch. No response.

I'm already disappointed that the new pics show that the frieze is not the light green color of the original stadium but white like the early 70's(before the 1976 redesign they painted the seats blue and did a white wash of the rest of the building including the frieze).

I could live with the blue seats but would have loved to see the original light green color throughout the rest of the stadium.
Just hope they don't hide the history.

Donald Capone said...

Thanks for all these great updates. I drove past it on the Deegan last night, and it's really exciting to see it so far along already.

Greg Cohen said...


I'm glad you like them, the updates will come as often as I can find new pics.

Bob said...

Greg - Thank you for these pics and thank everyone for their great comments. I grew up a few blocks from the stadium, and my Dad had a deli on 167th. At one game I folded my scorecard (which used to come in the center of a free program) into an airplane which I lofted from my perch in the top of the upper deck behind the plate. It cleared the upper deck and then slowly drifting to and fro cleared the mezzanine and boxes, by which time it seemed everyone had noticed it and started cheering. It circled the infield , landed on the mound, the pitcher stopped, picked it up and put it in his back pocket. It will likely remain my greatest sporting achievement!

Greg Cohen said...


Great story, thanks for sharing. And you're very welcome for the pics, I'm just happy people are enjoying them.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


As usual, thanks for keeping the updates coming. I'm very excited about the new stadium. My stance has definitely changed seeing and reading about TNYS (The New Yankee Stadium). I only hope Bob Sheppard will be around to call the first game!


Anonymous said...

"...would have loved to see the original light green color throughout the rest of the stadium."

The original frieze boards were made of copper, hence the green color when they were exposed to the elements over time. I would think that, for maintenance purposes, they're expensive to upkeep and the color isn't uniform either. Have to consider how the stadium looks on HDTV.

rpb said...

I know the color of the original friez was due to the copper being exposed to the elements. I was thinking more in line of re-creating that color by simply painting the frieze the light greencolor (just as they painted it white). It would been just as uniformed as the white.

I note that the new updated model and drawings recently shown in the papers and on the web coninue to hide monumnet park behind the centerfield fence. The history will be hidden and they will have to hide the plagues and retired number otherwise they will interfere with the batter's eye.

Also, looking at photos of the new model, most of the seats right next to the centerfield resturant on either side will be obstructed views. Fans in those seats will only be able to see the action in front of them not any of the action to the right or left (depending on which side they are sitting). It will be a shame to design a new stadium and have obstructed views (maybe they don't care about bleacher seats) and hide the history.

I still say the scoreboard is such an easy fix. Put the Top Hat Logo symbol over the centerfield TV.

The 1976 redesign was nothing like the original stadium but they seem to be set on keeping the 76 design on the inside as opposed to the early 60's and I think that will be a shame.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, rpb536. It looks like NYS is based more on the mid-70s refurbishment than the classic post-war era.

I know it won't happen - lost revenue in suite fees, and all that - but the NY Giants should play one last home game at YS in late 2008; ditto the Jets at Shea.

And the NY Rangers should play an NHL "Winter Classic" outdoor game sometime around Christmas or New Year's. Ditto the Islanders at Shea.

Brian Danuff said...

Those pictures are awsome!!!
Do you visit the Stadium often, or do you get these pictures from fellow bloggers?

Greg Cohen said...

Usually from fellow bloggers, or people who read this blog and send them to me as they find them. I also find some on message boards and sites like and

When I go to games this year I'm going to take pictures myself.

Glad you like them.

Brian Danuff said...

Thanks. This stadium is going to be great, but do you think the final event at the old stadium should be a Ranger game? I mean don't get me wrong,I like the Rangers, but that stadium is called YANKEE Stadium!

Brian Danuff said...

You know, I have my own blogger site. It's all about the Yankees, just like yours (Yankees Kid Talk)! If you ever need any information, feel free to get it from my site.

(But NO plagiarism)

Greg Cohen said...

It looks like it will be a Rangers game that closes out the Stadium, and I don't really like the idea at all. To me, the last event at Yankee Stadium should be a Yankee game.

By the way I just added your blog to my blogroll.

Steven said...

All us slugs who will be sitting in the upper deck will be further away from the action than in the current stadium. The thing I love about the 76 stadium is the fact that your practically over the field in the upper deck. Looks like I'll need binoculars to see the same in the new place. Looks great though, and I'm sure it will unbelivable! You'll be able to see the field from the concourses.

Steven said...

Also wanted to say Thanks for posting the Pictures! This is the first place I come to see updates on how the stadium is comin along. The pic's are excellent.

Greg Cohen said...

No problem Steven, happy to hear this is the first place you come to.

Also, I agree with what you're saying about the upper deck. I sat in section 5 last night, row N, and had a great view of the field. Even though I was far up I still felt like I was right on top of the field, this is something that we will all be missing in the new place, but like you said it should still be a great stadium.

rpb said...

Greg -
Great pics(especially when you can enlarge to full screen - you can really start seeing some of the details). This is the best place to view stadium construction updates. Thanks

I noticed on the Yankee web site that when writing about the new stadium, the yankees make a point of saying that the seats behind home plate will be closer in the new stadium than the current ball park. What they won't say is that with the exception of the "rich" seats behind the plate and up the foul lines just about every other seat in the new stadium will be further away. This includes the lodge, upper deck, and the bleachers.

During the last home stand I was walking with my brother on River Ave in front of the bowling alley and I said to him that this will be where the new section 39 will be located. Between the lower level grand stand/box seats and the bull pen in front of the new bleachers, the bleacher creatures will soon be doing "roll call" on River Ave under the tracks. Ask the fans in the left field bleachers how close to the game they feel (anyone who has ever sat out there knows how far from the action those seats are).

All they had to do was place the bullpens next to and along side each side of the restaurant and allow the bleacher seats extend to the outfield wall. Along with Monumnet Park in the left center bleacher area, that would eliminated the obstructed views that the resturant will create and allow fans in the bleachers to be closer to the game.

Sad to say there is no hope for us in the upper deck. In addition to be frozen out by the "premimum seating" behind home plate on all levels (must buy full season plans for mutiple years), the average fan will be limited to where they can see a game on an individual or mini package plan. I hope they place TVs in the upper deck stands so we can see the game up close.

It's sad to say that it appears that the new stadium is designed for the rich/corporate casual fan (the ones that show up on opening day and the first game of any playoff/WS game - you know the games where the TV/radio announcers say that they seems to be no energy in the stands). The true fans that support the team every day will be pushed back and out.

While the rich and powerful who had a hand in designing the place will have great seats, sitelines and access to great amenities, the average fan will be higher up and further back than the current stadium. In fact if you look at the computer drawings on this site, you will see that all the seats up both fouls lines on the lower level will be blocked off from the rest of the seats/fans (as with most of the new stadiums, the enternce to these seats will be from a private area, below the seats and away from the general public). Only the "rich kids" will have access to the players during batting practice and any chance to get an autograph.

I believe that once complete and the honeymoon over, many will be dissapointed with the new stadium. Disappointed that the average fan was left out of the process in not only price and location, but with the distance from the field and the obstructed views in the bleachers; the distance of the upper deck from the field; the "class" distinction that will come with the "premium seating sections"; the failure to really capture the feel of the post war(early 60's) stadium; and with all the emphasis on tradition and history, hiding the monumnets below the restuarant and behind the centerfield fence.

Sad to say but it appears that Met fans will make out better in their new ball park than the current Shea Stadium. As for the average Yankee fan, for 1.3 billion dollars, some thought should have been given to us.

Greg Cohen said...


great comment, thanks a lot.

You're right when you say that this is going to be a stadium for the rich. That's one of the main reasons I don't like the idea - real fans won't be in the place.

Great idea with the bullpens, and I definitely think the Yanks should look into it, although we all know they won't.

I also agree that hiding the monuments they way they're going to is a bad idea. To be honest there are a lot of bad ideas mixed into this stadium. It's probably going to look great, and the amenities with be top of the line, but when you're watching the game on TV, those amenities don't mean much.

Anonymous said...

I love what I'm seeing so far. I've seen about 50 games over the years, and consider Yankee Stadium to be nearly a holy place, a baseball shrine, it's that important to me. But it's had a great run, and quite honestly outlived it's usefullness. I never felt this way until going to a game at Camden Yards, it really opened my eyes. I do laugh at one comment though. This stadium is for the rich??? I'm not rich, and I can at least afford tickets to a few games, which would be a good year for me. I read some comments like this, kind of a class warfare kind of thing, as if you don't like wealthy people. It seems to me the Yankees are being fair, leaving 2008 pricing for 2009 season. It's the NY market, everything is expensive here. Have you been to a concert or broadway show recently? But This stadium will be a vast improvement on so many levels, it will be a much better value. If it bothers you so much that you can't afford to go, get out there and land a better paying job, it can be done, this is the US after all. I'm content with going to just a couple games a year, so my income level is not a factor. But since I see this stadium as such an improvement, I fully understand if they decide to raise the prices up. And with the crowds they are getting, NY area fans can obviously afford it.

rpb said...


Where shall I begin?

First, I went to about 35 games last year (counting the games I went to in six other cities and the playoffs). I just can’t go to every game. This year, in addition to Yankee Stadium, I’ve already been to games in Atlanta, Washington DC, and St. Louis. While I enjoy going to Baltimore to see the Yankees play, last year I was told by one of the ushers that there is talk of upgrading Camden Yards because it’s already dated (the concession areas are under the seats and the field is not visible from the concession areas as in the new ballparks).

It has already been reported (Mike Lupica and others) that many of the current ticket prices will not be the same in the new Stadium for 2009. The field championship box seats that now cost $150 per seat for season ticket holders ($400 game day price) will be more expensive next year. The same seats will cost $2500 per seat in 2009. These seats (for the $2500 price) will only be offered as full season packages and you must commit for multiple (5) years. By the way, the same seats cost $25 in 1994. The loge is gone in 2009 replaced with the Terrace level. The seats in the Terrace level surrounding home plate from first to third will also be offered only as full season packages, again for multiple years. Price will be $1500 per seat. The loge now costs $55 per seat for full or partial ticket plans and $65 game day price. The same sections surrounding home plate in the upper tier box seats will also be full season only, again multiple years at $150 per seat. These Tier MVP Box seats are now available for full year and partial packages at $55 per seat and $70 per seat game day price.

You are right, bleacher, upper tier, and some grandstand and a few box seats in the outfield will stay the same price for 2009. However, the majority of the seats (most of which are now in the lower level) will not only cost more but will be very expensive and difficult for the average fan (especially if they are bringing the family) to attain. With that said, many if not most of the bleacher, grandstand, and upper tier seats will be taken by full and partial season ticket holders. This will make going to a game, getting a good seat, at a fair price more difficult for the average fan on game day. But if you only want to go to one or two games a year, save up and enjoy! I have nothing against people making money or the rich in general. I just think a good seat at a ball game should be available and enjoyed by all especially kids

As for me, I don’t want or need another job. I make a very good living with a nice home in Westchester although my property taxes are too high (the same as they pay a rookie cop in NYC last year). My daughter’s private college education was paid in full when she graduated a few years ago. Even went with my wife to Hawaii on vacation last year. You’re right, this is the USA, and I’m a kid from the Bronx that has lived the American dream. However, with my travels around the country I also know that life in New York is very expensive compared to other parts of the country. That’s just the way it is but New York is home.

On Broadway, the last play we went to was “Wicked” (this past Christmas, we also went to the Palm before the play to eat). My family and I have also seen “Chicago”, “The Producers”, “Mary Poppins”, “Odd Couple”, “Jersey Boys”, and “Curtains”, all full price orchestra seats in the last few years. My last concert was Bruce Springsteen while I was in DC in last November and I have 4 floor seats for his July concert in Giant Stadium (same price $98 plus fees for both venues, Bruce is good that way). Saw Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at Westbury on the Island last April (also Lewis Black, Don Rickles, and Jackie Mason over the last year or so. Westbury is a good venue to see comics or concerts). So you see, I do get out and I know the price of entertainment in New York.

What I really enjoy though is going to the ball park to watch a game. There is nothing like it in the world. I like my season tickets (3 seats). I like my seat location (behind home plate) the ability to go to the all star game/home run derby contest this year (already bought and paid for, same seats), and all the playoff and World Series games my season tickets allow (although it will be nice to get past the first round). Over the past 15 years I’ve seen some pretty amazing games (regular and post season) live-in-person and it’s fun to watch many of the Yankee classic games on YES and remember the feelings I had when I saw the action live (the yelling, screaming, the jumping up and down, the high fives all around). I remember doing a presentation after Bernie hit the walk off HR against Baltimore in the playoffs and not having much of a voice. Good thing most of the participants were baseball fans and understood.

I’ve been going to the Stadium since 1960. Bleachers were 50 cents. I sat in the upper deck for $1.25 in the early 70s. Times change, things get more expensive. Gas only cost 33 cents a gallon when I started to drive. Fill up the car for $3. Pizza was 15 cents a slice, beer was 25 cents a glass or 50 cents a mug, and a pack of cigarettes was 46 cents.

The new Stadium will have its improvements over the current design. How many amenities will be available to the average fan will remain to be seen. But the upper deck and bleacher seats will still be further away from the action and if the design holds true to the computer drawings there will be some obstructed seats. But I have my HD TVs and while the game looks good in HD it’s not same as being there. Twenty years from now $2500 a seat may seem a bargain.

Steven said...

Nice to see you live a full life. I am hoping to be able to continue to see one or two games a year like I always have since they knocked down the original building in 1973.

Being from Long Island and also having major payouts on other things other than taking my 13 year old to Yankee Stadium, I still love the idea of the New Yankee Stadium! I consider going to the stadium once or twice a year as a mini vacation.

I am a huge Yankee fan since I was a kid. I always follow them every day. My first game was at Shea in 1974 when Bobby Murcer hit every ball to the warning track. I was only 8 years old and even being that young, I knew that Shea was a dump compared to the Stadium. I was there when they opened the '76 Stadium and remember my Dad saying it was not much like the original. But I still loved it.

I'm looking forward to the New Yankee Stadium and understand the day and age we live in. The Yankees now get 50,000 fans a game and can charge whatever they feel the fan will pay. If someone is going to pay $2500.00 per seat per game, that's what they will get. Just like in any business, the market and what people are willing to pay is what your product is worth.

When I was going to see the Yanks for most of my life, there was more like 25,000 people in stands. Those days are over.

I can't wait until I get to go to the New Yankee Stadium and bring my kid. I'll miss the '76 Stadium, but I'll enjoy the new Stadium more. It's time for a new place and new championships.

Thanks again Greg for posting the new pics, I come here from time to time. Best place to see the progress of the new place!

Mike B. said...

Hi, Guys!

Great site and cool pictures!

I'm born and raised in The City, but these days I live in Tennessee. I have a few questions: what's the story with the right-center field bleachers in the new Stadium? Will there be a "hang" for the Section 39 guys?

I'll be in Section 39 in a few weeks to see two games against Tampa Bay. Maybe I'll see some of you there!


Anonymous said...

Some great pictures from a beautiful June day during this last season.

Anonymous said...

Its a nice and a great blog I hope you will make more. Thanks for sharing....

Steven said...

Hey Guys,
After the All Star Game, I'll say this. I'll miss that place~!!
Steven from Lindenhurst

Greg Cohen said...

Yea this All-Star week really got me even more upset about the idea of losing such a wonderful stadium.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the old stadium, no doubt about it. But with the latest update, I'm getting even more excited about the new place. The current concourse is really horrible, it's the one area of the current stadium they can never improve no matter what renovation they try. Once you are in your seat, the views are still really beautiful, I'll agree. But everything else drastically needs improvement, and we will get that. Monument park in center, perfect. A MUCH larger video screen? Big improvement. Bringing back the "facade" where it belongs? Perfect. It's been time for a new park for a good decade now, and they wont dissapoint us. We don't want "the Stadium" to turn into another Fenway...

Anonymous said...

Ummmm Tom, Red Sox fans love Fenway.

Fenway and Wrigley are two of the most beloved ballparks in the world, and it's not because of a big jumbotron in centerfield. Sometimes progress isn't always a good thing.

Steven said...

It's starting to come together nice. I was very disapointed with the sight lines from the upper deck when I first saw the designs. Now I see it will be pretty amazing from up there in the new place!!

Mike B. said...


Does anyone know when season tickets will go on sale for the new stadium?



PS And are there any seating charts for the new stadium?

Greg Cohen said...

I'm not sure about season tickets, but here's the seating chart:

rpb said...

As always, thanks for the great pics. Love to see how the construction is going. I noticed the boxes drawn on the sides of the centerfield restaurant; they must be for the TV sets so the fans can see the whole field.

Regarding tickets for next year and the new stadium:

The Yankees just mailed out "Relocation Pool" information to all current full and partial season ticket holders. In addition, we have to fill out an on-line questionnaire (by September 10th) to let them know our intention to remain a full season ticket holder (and desired seating by either location and/or price) or to upgrade to a full season plan (again by location and/or price). Then a Yankee rep will call and discuss seating plan and location. You must decide to accept or reject the offer and if you reject, you're out of the relocation pool. If you accept, you must make your initial payment within I believe 72 hours.

It appears that all full season ticket holders (current and those who indicate a desire to upgrade) will be taken care of first.

Then they will take care of the partial plans by number of games (i.e., the new 41 game package will go before the 20 game package - who will go before the 15game package) and so on down the line. It remains to be seen how many seats will be available for single game purchase either pre-season, advance sale, or day of game.

The more full season and partial plan ticket sales, the fewer seats left for single game sales.

Hopefully, the Yankees will hold back a thousand or so seats per game, so the average fan can see a few games per year. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of those who re-sell their seats.

Went to a game in San Francisco about 2 weeks ago and sat in the upper deck to get a feel for what it may be like in the new Yankee Stadium. Site lines are good, and if you weren’t spoiled by the present Yankee Stadium, you would say it was nice (but it is further back).

If you want to see the relocation pool information including a 3-D seating chart, go to the Yankee web site. Look under Yankee Stadium, then New Yankee Stadium, then relocation pool. There are a number of links available to see seat and section locations, prices, available plans, etc.

Anonymous said...

ithink the new stadium is better the old one is coming apart and you get to do a larger variety of things before the game.or during. the yankees should get new jerseys and put a baseball behind their famous logo on their fitted caps.

Greg Cohen said...

"the yankees should get new jerseys and put a baseball behind their famous logo on their fitted caps."

You don't honestly believe that, do you?

rpb said...

Great pics!

When the Yankee 3-D seat selector on their web site is working (very rare that it does), you not only see how the restaurant in centerfield creates obstructed views but to my surprise, the site lines from the rear seats in the main level in right field are also obstructed. Main level section 205(rear view) has no view of the right field fence. In fact, you don’t really know how much of right field is missing. Also, the rear seats in field level section 201 have no view of centerfield. Similar sections in left field (135 & 234) have the same poor site lines and obstructed views.

Another problem, the seats appear to face short centerfield, not second base or the mound as in the other new stadiums I’ve visited. While this may be better than the present seating in Yankee Stadium, it’s a far cry from the great seating angles other ballparks provide their fans.

When you go to the Yankee 3-D site and select each section you get the front view of that section. When you try to open the other seat views such as the rear or middle view in any of these sections the site will not open. I was only able to get through the complete site only once last Saturday. The original site gave you a 360 degree view from various seats in the front, middle and rear of each section. With that, you could see the poor site lines and obstructed views. The site now gives you only the front view and it’s straight ahead, no ability to view from either side.

Also, forget about walking out from your seat in the field level to centerfield and taking in some of the game from that rooftop food court and bar. When you collapse each level on the website you see a maze of walls designed to keep fans from walking the 360 degrees around the ballpark (another feature in every new stadium I’ve visited.

I see from your pictures that they are constructed monument park behind the centerfield fence and the view from on the field behind home plate demonstrates that it must be below the fence line as to not interfere with the batter’s eye.

All this money - poor site lines, seats with obstructed views, hiding the history, and blocked from enjoying the whole stadium! Sad to say but Citi Field will get better reviews than this stadium.

Anonymous said...

this collection of pics is just awesome. this place is a palace of baseball.

Steven said...

Well, it's now come to moving the Monuments and It's really starting to hit me that I'll never go to my favorite baseball stadium ever again. The New Yankee Stadium has a lot to live up to, but It looks incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, check out the new pic of the scoreboard on the actual outfield fence! I had no idea they were going to have that in the new park. What a great touch bringing back that look from the past. I know I'm going to love it here, at least for the one or two games a year I will be able to afford.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out if anyone is reading between the lines on this new stadium. Let me get this straight, the new stadium has 53,000 seats, when the original stadium had 57,000 give or take and over the past four years has been averaging about 52,500 fans a game. That would mean that with the Yankees increasing attendance for years to come; single game tickets will be almost impossible to get. Citi Field has 10,000 fewer seats than Shea, but I have to believe that is because Fred Wilpon knows that there are times that the Mets have terrible seasons for four or five years at a time and empty stadiums are not pretty on TV. Another reason the new Yankee Stadium should have more seats is because this is going to be the home the greatest franchise in all of sports. People come from all over the world to see the Yankees.

Also, has anyone noticed that what could have been another deck of seats at the original, has been set aside for luxury boxes. I doubt anyone on this blog is a multimillionaire. Therefore, this new stadium isn't tailored for true Yankee fans let alone true baseball fans.

I welcome a new stadium with open arms, but not this one. I didn't like the retractable roof design from the early part part of the decade. I loved this design and just came back home to the Bronx last week and saw the exterior and thought it looked beautiful. I've watched the the seats and facade installed while riding the 4 train. But, I still feel like this stadium is being is like replacing a world famous deli in a middle class neighborhood with a five star restaurant in a middle class neighborhood. If the Yankees wanted businessmen for fans they should have built the new stadium in Westchester or Manhattan.

Greg Cohen said...


I completely understand how you feel. I too like the design for the most part, and think it really does look great. However, I also believe it's a stadium for the rich. Many season ticket holders I know have given up their seats because they can no longer afford them, and to me that's sad.

Hopefully it's better, and more affordable than we think it will be.

Anonymous said...

What are all those poles on the first and third base sides? Is there going to be netting up?

Here is the pic I'm talking about;


Greg Cohen said...

Those are for nets that will be up ONLY during batting practice. They have the same things at the current stadium.

Anonymous said...

I just want to reply to some of the stuff I've read on here. I love this website, thank you very much for doing what you do.

I've been a Yankee Stadium construction junkie since Day 1 back in....2005 I think?. I personally am very excited for the new stadium, although there is a piece of me that will never come back once the old (can't believe I'm calling it 'old' now) stadium is torn down piece by piece.

I hate to besmirch the name of the Yankees here, but I think this stadium was indeed the house that the affluent built, and the house that the affluent will enjoy most. The old Yankee Stadium was great because you had the field level seats that wealthy people used, but you also had regular fans were interspersed among them. This stadium I believe is going to polarize the seating areas where you have

the first five years of NYS, until seating demand returns to normal:

Legends Field Suite - wealthy only
Field Level - wealthy only
Main Level - wealthy 80/casual 20
Grandstand - casual only

as opposed to OYS, that in my opinion was:

Field Suite - wealthy 95/casual 5
Field Level - wealthy 50/casual 50
Main Level - arbitrary, depends on the game
Grandstand - anybody

The seating of Yankee stadium is also different. Like you all said, there wont be seats that literally are 'hovering over the players.' Many stadiums that are now being built, particularly those developed by HOK Sport, that incorporate 'bowl seating' that helps eliminate obstructed view seats by making the levels into a bowl instead of stacking the levels above the others. This comes at the expense of Grandstand/Terrace fans. I personally think bowl seating is great: everybody gets a view. But the problem is that now instead of having lets say 50 god-awful obstructed view seats that are discounted and the rest of the seats being good...NYS will have 0 god-awful obstructed view seats with approx. 10000 seats that are 'gee, don't these seats seem kinda far away?' quality. So which would you rather have? A great stadium with 50 bad apples, or a great stadium with 20% of the seats being just average quality? That's my schpiel on that.


Monument Park is going to be the focal point of the OF area, as it is now being located in dead center field. In my opinion, dead center is a much better spot than in left-center, where it seemed haphazardly shoved next to the bullpen. I love your idea about making Monument Park 2-tiers, connected by a nice staircase leading up to a second level of monuments. I don't however consider Monument Park to be more hidden than it was in the old stadium.

The 3D seat selector shows a very routine scoreboard, as you mentioned. It also looks like there is a manual scoreboard on the left and right field walls, unless I am mistaken. I also think it would be nice to have a top hat logo featured at least somewhere on the screen, and I would imagine the actual stadium will slightly differ from the renderings. Ha, it would be cool to see a LONGINES clock in center as well.

Some issues. Making the outfield wall black wouldn't look good. The restaurant is already being used as a Batter's Eye. Also your proposed concourse area would probably cost more money to maintain in the offseason than is worth the trouble. People do not visit Yankee stadium in the offseason, so I dont think the reduced merchandise revenue would justify keeping a nearby area running year round. And another thing. I think its great how passionate you are about making stuff look like it did in the old stadium, but I do not think we should make a fake skyline in center field. This is a new stadium, not a 21st century replica of the first. It needs to have some features that will help make it unique, so I think the fans deserve to look at the sky in center as much as any other sports team's can. Furthermore, painting the facade an off-green in order to replicate rusting/oxidizing? Why? Off-green might have been how it looked in the old stadium but it certainly was intended to by white. If the frieze rusts naturally, then fine. But imagine walking into the new Yankee stadium and seeing a facade 'pre-oxidized' and painted whitish/off-green.

Your ideas are really cool, its too bad none of them can be implemented since construction is now complete and all the work that is essentially left is going to be done inside the stadium (bathrooms, concessions, merchandise, restaurants, pimping out those absurd 'party suites' etc.) But you definitely bring up some great ideas!

REPLY to #1 a-rod fan

The old stadium, as far as we know, was not coming apart. We won't really know that for sure until construction workers examine the foundation of it when they are tearing it down.

Changing the Yankee logo is a bad idea. I am guessing you are a kid. A lot of kids like seeing stuff change, like new stadiums and new logos (Sox just got new logos and the fans aren't crazy about it), but when you get older you really get tired of all your favorite stuff getting torn down, and you just want some things to stay the same. The Yankees will never change their logo in a million years, because its simply 'tradition.' I cant really explain how important tradition is to adults, you'll understand it when you are older and this Yankee Stadium becomes your home.


I am okay with the Yankees having less seats. To be honest, sell outs were infrequent even from 2000-2006 when the Yankees were a good team and people weren't going to games just to 'see it for one last time'. Having less seats will make the available seats wider for our American fat butts and make the crowds look a little fuller, which is always good for the front office. Less fans equals quieter games equals a lower morale for the team. Solution? Sell more beer.

Your deli comparison was spot on! In my opinion (and I hope somebody agrees with me) the Yankees ownership are starting to become almost arrogant in the way they conduct themselves. The 3D seat selector looks like a 3D wristwatch selector that would be on Rolex's web site, or a 3D Bentley selector on their car website, ya know? Now, it's not that big of a deal, its just that it seems like the new stadium is making the Yankees transition into an aura of cockiness. Maybe that's a good thing, who knows. As long as it results in championships.

Greg Cohen

I want to thank Greg for creating this blog. I have it on my favorites and I check it every so often, since I don't live in the Bronx and don't get to see construction very often.

I can't remember who said it, but somebody here said that Citi Field will come to be more loved than Yankee Stadium. Not true. You are basing that on some of the things you have seen in construction pictures. Wait till the stadium is done, wait till the rich get sick of going to Yankee games for their business meetings, and wait till you get to see it for the first time. I am 100% sure that this stadium, despite the flaws we have been talking about, will be the best stadium in the history of baseball. The amenities, which we haven't talked about simply because they haven't been installed yet, will be absolutely spectacular. Mark my words, Yankee stadium will have televisions above the urinals. Citi Field can't afford that kind of thing. From what I have seen out of Citi Field, it is the first stadium that I believe is a second generation cookie cutter. The first generation being the multipurpose stadiums of the 60s and 70s. What i mean by that is Citi Field is copying many other ideas to build baseball-only ballparks that give a nice, family friendly baseball feel to it. But I see nothing unique to it (besides the JR Rotunda) that separates itself from Camden Yards, US Cellular, The Jake, PNC, Angel Stadium, Safeco, and the like. Those stadiums were built with true uniqueness in mind. Citi Field is almost built to look unique, but at the same time is not very original. Do you see what I mean? Its a very post-modern concept, haha!

I'm sure Citi Field will be a very nice upgrade from Shea, dont get me wrong.

So as for the NYS, I can't wait to go see it some day. I know that the fans will fall in love with it, and the Yankees will win a world series championship in it in 2009. Go Yankees, and I look forward to rooting for them along with you guys in the new Yankee Stadium! God Bless.

Steven said...

Can't wait for the Season to start and check this palace!! Thanks for the pic's they are amazing!!

Greg Cohen said...


You're very welcome. Very happy to hear how much you enjoy the site.

I agree, Citi Field will be nice, but Yankee Stadium will be better.


No problem man, I'm just glad people like them as much as they do. I think it's fun to follow along with the construction this way.

Take it easy guys.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the spectacular site. Following the construction has been great.

Since people are venting a bit, here are three things irk me about the new stadium:

1. I don't fault the Yankees for constructing this new cathedral, in some respects it was needed and New York deserves a first class stadium. But the whole process has been a way to clear out the die hard fans who were not full-season ticket holders. I have been a Sunday plan holder since 1998 and they haven't even gotten to us in the "relocation". The whole process basically said "If you are not a full-season holder you have to sit way out in the outfield or in the top of the upper deck." But speaking to people who are full-season, even the "Grandstand" is filling up between the bases. So partial plan holders who had decent seats in the "old" stadium will be lucky to be anywhere in the "new" stadium. It's a free market and supply and demand rule the day, but it doesn't mean it doesn't stink.

2. The feel of the new stadium looks a little off. The upper deck is set so far back I doubt any foul balls will ever reach there. Having caught 4 myself over the years, I know it will have a different feel. Plus - the fact that the resturaunt in Center will actually prevent people in the right and left field bleachers from actually seeing centerfield and the opposite outfield is outrageous. Placing the resturaunt over the bleacher fans is bad form.

3. The money. The Yankees got boatloads of money tax free to make a stadium that is boxing out decade's long fans. I know they will pay the money back and the taxpayers will get some benefit down the road. But the concept rubs me the wrong way. Taxpayer money used, interest free, to make the game less accessible to most fans.

Ultimately I will still (hopefully) be a Sunday ticket holder and be thankful I even get a seat (if I do). I just hope that the players keep some hunger and drive and don't fall into the belief that they are kings entitled to a championship by the majesty of their new facility.

Anonymous said...

i didnt bother to look through all the comments about my question because it would take way too long so i will ask it. on the 1st and 3rd baseline, right by where the tarp is, there are poles for line drive foul balls. are those going to be there permanently or are they up just at this time for no particular reason? i know they put those up for batting practice, but they always took them down. i really hope they arent there permanently, because it will be a eye sore and unfortunate for the fans in those seats.

Greg Cohen said...


Those polls are only going to be up during batting practice. They currently have the same things at the old Yankee Stadium.

I'm assuming they are up now to save space until construction is completed.

Anonymous said...


Fantastic site.

Quick question if you or anyone else knows. All the photos of the Great Hall to date show it without any windows. Is the Great Hall going to be glass enclosed at some point? I imagine it would be the same as on the Jerome Ave side (which is glass enclosed). Is there no glass now so they can continue to make deliveries through the open spaces?

Anonymous said...

Mike T. -

I don't think anybody is completely sure if glass will be installed, however a lot of the fans on baseball-fever have concluded that there will not be glass installed in the Great Hall. This is just speculation, but that's what they're saying.


Since the stadium's construction is nearing its conclusion, have you considering starting a Yankee Stadium Demolition Updates gallery? I know its tough to see, but I still think it would be just as important as the construction updates.

Anonymous said...

The reason I asked about the windows in the Great Hall is because it looks like it could be used as an additional revenue source in the offseason.

With the museum, Martini Bar, and at least one of the resturaunts right off the great hall, (and with the big video board in there)it would seem like a perfect space for corporate events (assuming anyone has those anymore). But if it is open air, its basically unusable in the winter.