Monday, March 24, 2008

A-Rod Came Back to the Yanks Because of the Mets?

In an article from the Daily News' John Harper Alex Rodriguez said that part of the reason he came back to the Yankees was because of the regret he felt when he shunned the Mets back in 2000, and eventually signed his famous $252 million dollar deal with Texas.

"I went for the contract when my true desire was to go play for the Mets," Rodriguez said with a sigh of his decision to ink his $252 million deal with Texas eight years ago.

As A-Rod described how he failed to take a stand when Boras was negotiating his record pact, he seemed haunted by the idea that in breaking free of the Yankees he could have made another decision based strictly on money and wound up as unhappy as he was in Texas for three years.

The three-time MVP says that at some point after his opt-out decision in October, he realized he could be headed for a similar scenario, with Boras dictating his next destination

"So to make the right decision just feels really good," Rodriguez said, "versus being taken down a road where I'm like, 'Oh, my God, where am I? Oh, $400 million to play in some place I hate? Great, I'll blow my --- head off.'

I don't believe for one second that he was gonna get $400 million, or anything close to it, from anyone. Anyway...

"I wanted to remain a Yankee and for once I put my money where my mouth was. It felt good to make a decision on my own and execute it - to deal with Hank and Hal (Steinbrenner) on a one-on-one basis and get a deal done.

"If people want to question why I did it, I don't care because it made me happy. If I had gone to Team X, Y or Z, it wouldn't have made me happy. It would have been because Scott wanted me to go - it would have been for the most money. And then I'm always going to be known as a guy who always wanted the most money."

"If I had gone to Detroit or someplace and I don't win, people are going to hammer me, because there's no loyalty, and by moving again, I don't represent anything. Instead, I'm planting my roots here and saying I want to win with one team and represent something as a Yankee the rest of my career. I think it's the right way to do it."
I hope A-Rod is telling the truth, I hope he's a guy who listened to his agent and finally took a stand. I hope he's not the ultimate bull$hit artist. We may never know for sure, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

A-Rod also spoke about "letting go" a bit in NY, and his love for his idol, HOF quarterback Dan Mariano.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what to say about A-Rod's words..they almost seem to piss me off..and I'm a huge A-Rod supporter. Where did you find these quotes?

John Frank

Greg Cohen said...


I found them in the John Harper article from the Daily News, click on "Daily News' John Harper" in the first paragraph to get there.

Anonymous said...

Why would those quotes piss you off? I like thagt he is no longer giving the PC answer that everyone says that hate and accuses him of being a phony because of.

Also- I didn't think he was speaking about his relationship with Jeter in the article. I thought it was the writer who did based on his locker room observations.

Greg Cohen said...

You're right Carrie, I misread a quote from the article. Thank you for pointing that out.

I agree, I'm not pissed at these quotes at all.

Mike said...

I will take "A" for his word for now, but I am a bit skeptical.

Is it possible that this whole thing, running back to the Steins with his tail between his legs, was orchestrated by Boras once they realized that the $400 mil wasn't out there?

"A" has said some disparaging things about Boras but he DID NOT FIRE HIM.

Scott Boras is still his agent. Boras reviewed the contract and gets his cut.

"A" hired a public relations firm to help him with his image but he has not cut ties with Boras.

If it was me, and my agent was going to lead me to another "place I hate", I would have fired him and announced it to the world.

"A" has not done that.

Greg Cohen said...

I'll be honest, there is part of me that believe that this is all a Scott Boras production, but I really hope that's not true.

As far as firing him, it really wouldn't make much sense at this point. This will probably be A-Rod's last contract, so there is no need for a new agent. He has pretty much cut ties with him, though. Remember, Boras was like a father-figure to A-Rod, so the fact they aren't in contact is a big deal.